Re: Baja Road Trip
Glad you scored! It sounds like alt.surfing was well-represented in Baja this past weekend. I went on a non-camping road trip with Ben Rak and a non-ASer. We stayed at a very well-known Baja surf ...
by MANAX99
Hey dave blake, ggcarroll and the rest of the norcal crew
... about the extra-tropical siberian storm. between that and the more locally generated windswell, the weekend should be fuuuuunn! especially since the pesky winds along the coast should be calm on both ...
by NGR
Making the most of a bobbing kind of day
O'ahu It has been F-L-A-T on the south shore. Don't think I have had a good session since October! I am not a happy surfer. Soooooo ... just as Neal judges his summer by how many times he goes to ...
by DS_84
Product Review/Surf Report: Oakley Water Jackets at San Miguel B.C.N
... friend who works at Oakley. (I try very hard not to pay retail for anything). My first use was last weekend, Sunday, at San Miguel in Baja Mex. Waves were a fun 3-4, crowd was ...
by donincardona
Re: Leonardo DiCaprio to portray Miki Dora?
... ng a bar. Though I found some oily smooth vodka in a basement Russian bar called Pravda in NYC last weekend. The Bolshevik babe waitress convinced me to try a brand I ...
by NGR
Crazy Joe rides again
OK, so I don’t write too much. After visiting with the boys at the Harbor entrance Friday night, I received a call from my friend Steve from Santa Cruz. He said Pleasure Point was 8-10 in front of ...
by MANAX99
Re: Sweet Easterly Surprise
I'm just getting over the **** I got during the week I was in port Aransas. I was already suffering a lil bit before the killer surf I scored on Thursday the 11th. Sometimes ya just can't say ...
by swap_v
WSD 2003 soon?
I remember something about one of two WSD dates being at the end of November. I don't remember the details, but as Themos bearer I figured I should pay attention. At a glance, AS seems healthier now; ...
by Elaine
Yikes, theres a Shark in my House
The mass media is in a feeding frenzy regarding the many shark attacks in Volutia County over the weekend, especially in NSB. Overheard last night on a radio show was a reporter asking a local ...
by AnGeL7007
Re: How do people wipe their ****? standing up or sitting down?
... goin on my friend...'dunkster93' and me somehow got into this discussion while we were campin last weekend....so we wanted to put up a survey somewhere and i coulodnt think of a better place than ...
by tianle
Re: SoCal surfcam website, whats with it?
They are having problems with their host. They are changing and hope to have the camera sites back up by the weekend. I was also bummed but see light by the weekend
by Meta-Meme
Re: 4X OH - Santa Cruz
Yes sir! :) I don't think that's him in the vid, but John Mel, Peter's father, kneeboards that spot a lot. It tends to be bumpy cause cliffs abound with no beach but very racy and fun. I never keep ...
by DS_84
Re: More Surfing for Life
... ing on D.C.'s PBS station. I'll try to remember to bring it down with a couple of other videos this weekend. Rod Rodgers homepage: http://www.bcpl.net/~rrodgers/rodpage1.html On 19 Apr ...
by callisto601
Birthday! :-|
Yes, today I am 34. I really only feel about 22. I look 26. well, maybe 27. Pretty soon I will be a 'Foonior Citizen' Last year on my birthday I surfed. A solid overhead south. This year..... double ...
by El Shatan
Re: Seesion report
There seems to be a little long-period swell in the northeast US, sneaking in from somewhere, maybe the forntal system a couple hundred miles out there. Too bad it's only knee-high here in RI, but I ...
by ukmasterit
Re: Stuck in Santa Rosa
smokin' crack again, are we? haven't seen a computer all weekend. go talk to someone else.
by sweetser
Re: Some new videos
I've got a soccer game that I promised to play keep in, starts at 9 so I'll be there. Not sure if I'll get a chance to get wet this weekend...but let me know, maybe Sunday dawn patrol.
by Keermalec
Re: Lake Mich Doldrums-but a sizeable wave
Hi Rod and Dan, Rod, to be very precise, if you boil it down to the exact precision, I believe the wave would come to exactly: 3.1415926535897932384626433832795....... Ft. After all, shoaling does ...
by ElAleph
Re: Mike Sullivan
Sully puts us wise to the ways of country wimmin folk: After a pitcher of suds, I can't remember? hmmmmm, I see. Any relation to Fred the Pup? (old time AS poster) I admire a man with a plan Sully. I ...
by EldonSmith
Re: Time Out :-(
'May be' is a stretch, as I mentioned in my email, Rod. Hope I at least get the green light to just shoot in the surf. I think that the physical therapy is going pretty well. But I can't jump or ...
by Terragen
Re: Its Time for the Atlantic Hurricane Season to Start Cranking
... ating August. Things usually have started cooking by now. I'm going to visit family in Vermont this weekend. I'll come back to Rhode Island next ...
by ukmasterit
NJ Surf Report
Time: Sat Dawn to about 9:00 Weather: Sunny w/ very light offshore Waves: Waist to chest occasional almost head high Despite a nasty cold, low fever, and all kinds of green stuff being coughed up, I ...
by Linda2
Re: World longboard champs NZ
That would explain a lot. Hope you didn't get in trouble with the Oz Department of Anti-Tourism or whatever for those immaculately glassy photos you've posted in the past. I guess you could plead ...
by mydogjo
Re: Dot com surfers part two
Yeah, in the general scheme of things - a good portion of this group (judging by the straw poll survey done a few months ago) are in some way connected to the dot com world (or at least the dot edu ...
by DS_84
Who let those Birds OUT!?? OT
I was just leaving home this morning for a press check in Severn Maryland, a suburb of Baltimore. The phone rang and it was the production manager of the printing plant. 'Mr.Foondoggy, I'm sorry to ...
by MasterKill
Re: Finally, an actual srf rpt:-)
Todd said Todd, there is nothing to be chicken about. I've been to two of these things and each one was a ****. You will meet some of the greatest guys/gals to surf with (as soon as we round em ...
by Linda2
First meeting w/ surfgeo
I'll make this brief: Picked up 'SurfGeo' at Newark Intl and after finally completing our intial greetings proceed onto the always fast pace NJ Turnpike towards the GS Parkway South. As we speed off ...
by LilCindy
Anyone watch Survivor?
I think last nights vote was BS. Anyway, hopefully the waves will pickup this weekend.
by Keermalec
Re: Putsborough Surf Report 13/4/01
... s more than enough..... plus boots......plus gloves.......plus hood. :-) Actually it felt cold last weekend because of the easterly wind. Provided the air temperature picks up it shouldn't be too bad ...
by trapdoor
Re: PNW - Great time for land locked bro
Ive found people really friendly around OR. Dont know about hero's welcome but really nice - when someone asks where Im from I tell them, they say 'cool', then 2 minutes later, hey where did you say ...
by hotdogman85
Re: Surf Rage NZ
In L.A. several decades ago, the referral was to Valles (or Valleys) who visited the Coast on weekends. In San Diego, the slur was '*****' re weekend surfers from Escondido and the ever present ...
by jawajedi
Re: Large N Pacific Swell
> be careful out there. lp
by swap_v
The Sap was running
I took a short jog along the beach this gorgeous Spring morning (thus the subject) to test my wind after my recent severe cold, and warm up before my Semiweekly deathmatch racquetball game against ...
by callisto601
Re: And on the 14th day...
It's been generally too small to wake up Santa Barbara proper or even Rincon for real, but Jose's right this weather has been insane. Surfline appears to be in a bad state today; they reported 2-3' ...
by Bluewolf027
Dog(Doody)Day Afternoon
The glorious Spring weekend predicted on the Delmarva did not exactly showup on time. Saturday was plain butt ugly with foggy drizzle, low clouds, and damp cold winds off the ocean from the NE. We ...
by chadnezzzz
North Coast visit
I posted a story about my weekend visit to a California north coast spot on http://www.pacificwaverider.com. If it's not on the home page, click on ggcarroll. Besides getting really sunburned (which ...
by Angelus897
Back to the North Shore -- 3/3/01
Even though I had surfed the week before, I was still not satiated (actually, when it comes to surfing, you never really are). I yearned to bodyboard specifically at Pipeline, where the waves just ...
by Lake Effect
The best laid plans...
Noontime Sunday, a rare visit to SF on a weekend, taking Connor to Space Camp in Mt View. Excellent medium sized rights out at OB waiting just for me. My plan had been to drop him off and head for ...
by callisto601
Surfboard Rental in So Cal
I'm looking at going surfing this weekend in So. Cal and don't have a board, and was wondering who has surfboards to rent. Also, I need to get a wetsuit too. Who rents boards and suits in So. Cal ...
by tianle
Re: PNW Pics
Ill make it there sometime this fall or winter. Had the wife and kids with me this trip. I have the location down i think? Yes i will have to show Utah what 2 and 4 hr drives over 12 months gets ya. ...
by fifngoopdikga

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