Pics of BIG waves???
I'm looking for pics of big waves (20 feet and up). If anyone knows any good
by Brent
Endless Waves In NJ - Vol 2 (more photos)
Snapped these right before suiting up and surfing completely solo with no one in sight till dark. Lip smacker's buffett. We're back on a consistancy thing again ... I think, no *HOPE*! It was firing ...
by Fijomnhf
Re: I need a faster pop-up. Technique Ideas
1. Wait on smaller waves and then make a point of popping up as fast as possible. 2. On dry land, get little kids to lie on your back and then try popping up. You can make this a game by seeing how ...
by FreeOnlineGames
Re: Cold water surfing - wetsuit question
Okay.. I saw a nice ketch, not long ago...... that'd suit me just fine. Perfect for checking out those unknown islands out beyond the beyond. Just for grins.... I'm kinda curious; just where in ...
by DS_84
Re: Hollow wave surfboard
Bruce B - Are you or were you in Corpus Christi when you bought your 6'4" Hollow WAVE? I bought the 6'6.5" swallowtail but quickly learned yours was a better shape for CC waves.
by Bill H
The Shortboard surfboard
The Shortboard The standard shortboard, also known as the thruster typically comes with 3 fins as standard although it can come with 4 or 5 fin as well. It’s a high performance board suited ...
by Dave Blackburn
Re: Surfboard rentals in Outer Banks?
Hey Bill, Believe it or not, Surffohio actually had some truth to his comment. Rodanthe *is* good (the north end). They are usually not as good as at the lighthouse (about 30 minutes from Rodanthe), ...
by jawajedi
Re: Strange Question
Unlike Glenda, I'm not close to SF. North and east, but a whole lot more east than north. I did spend quite a bit of time working at a surf camp. So, given climate differences...... Wax, boards, ...
by NGR
Re: Moving to Australia, looking for quiet surfing town
There is a terrific village near Sydney called Bondi. It has great waves, a surf school, nice neighbours and the local produce is fresh and sustaining. You can stay opposite the beach with a water ...
by BondiBob
Re: Fog surfing
I surf SF once when a light fog came in. Scared the s#!t out of me. Had to listen to the waves to know which way was in.
by FreeOnlineGames
Re: Baja Road Trip
... hare.com/mexico/k38-14.jpg little tuck, and plenty of face. It still blows me away, the form of the waves, none of the death drops we would experience with waves of that size! Glad ...
by Linda2
Re: Why is my board warped
Dubai? Don't tell me there are waves in Dubai? Tom Keener
by NGR
ASHub Pics?
I'm looking forward to when this feature is operative and I don't know how it will be set up. Does anyone know? (shows what an insider I am) If the format is still in question, I would recommend ...
by kdog181518
Re: Surf pics - Hawaii
Nice job, Ingrid! Your material looked very fresh, the riders and waves were well framed, and the shots showed alot of action. Thanks for sharing! Rod Rodgers homepage: ...
by Sweets18
Surf in Turks and Caicos?
Hey all, I am looking for information about surfing in the Turks and Caicos island region. It looks to be in a good spot; however, there seems to be a thin amount of information available. Who's got ...
by Adtchlivet
Wave Fear Blues and Children...
Since today is our little boy's third brithday and I've posed this question before, I thought I'd write a prgress repost and ask for some more advice about this topic. Tommy is (for a three year old) ...
by freelanserboy
Re: Making the most of a bobbing kind of day
years for waves in Jerzey...Today it's head high and firing...cold too! -PD 'legalize it'
by callisto601
Re: Product Review/Surf Report: Oakley Water Jackets at San Miguel B.C.N
i used them again today for a sunset session. the water was probably 55-58, i really have no idea, and the air was probably 80 when i paddled out at 4 pm(did i mention the weather was insane this ...
by AnGeL7007
Re: Surfing in Haiti
There's some blockage from Bahamian islands due N/NW but there's no reason not to get some N/NE swell. I am not familar with the coastal topography but would suggest exploring some online topo maps. ...
by jawajedi
Re: Hatteras Shark Attack - One Dead One Injured
You should all stop surfing. Especially in Virginia and N.C. Its far too dangerous - you could die. But seriously, I am only affected in that I can't get my kids to go with me to the beach, and my ...
by Scoundrel
Surf Cams, not in my backyard...(I live east of 5)...
Hey NeoN, We had a great two-week stretch of surf at WindanSea last month, and EVEN I caught a few waves there. I bet you, BK and the rest of your crew was stoked on that south swell! (If even 1% of ...
by callisto601
Re: Barbados - December
went to barbados last winter and scored epic waves. If your staying on the east coast be sure to head west if there's any north swell, it breaks like Indo over there. check out ...
by MasterKill
Re: Lakesurf.com
... ke Siberia out there. But, some Great lakes surfers are going out today, the ENE is bringing us big waves.. http://www.glerl.noaa.gov/rsch/glcfs/nws/lwv-00.gif It ...
by davidlpf
Leonardo DiCaprio to portray Miki Dora?
Movies - Variety Leo catches 'Waves' 05/12/2004 Tue May 11, 8:00 PM ET Online Staff, STAFF Leonardo DiCaprio (news)'s Appian Way banner has optioned feature rights to 'All for a Few Perfect Waves,' ...
by Lake Effect
Re: Crazy Joe rides again
But you wrote up a nice report... Friday was the best day I've seen in quite a while at the Hook, if not the best ever. 1.5x on the drop peeling to overhead. Surfed from 11am to 3pm and it actually ...
by Scoundrel
Re: SortofPalooza SantaCruzinPaloozi n
Thanks So Much For All Your Encouragement & Inspiration, Always, Mama Sus!......and I'll be sure to get those surf reports written up & posted very soon (tho meager they indeed be!). So Wonderful ...
by Elaine
Re: Spooky.
'westoz' says...
by SwaTT
Re: One last ride
Hey, Very sorry to hear about your dad's illness. People living up on mountaintops who have never smoked can get lung cancer, as well. People living next to steel mills who've smoked packs per day ...
by swap_v
Re: Beginner board
... ard with plenty of thickness and/or width, so that it floats well. A board that floats well catches waves easier. Whatever you ...
by Brent
Re: Where are the best places in the world to surf
I think for me the best is Mentawai Islands in Indonesia. I think it's a combination of great waves and real friendly people.
by jade
Oahu Sesh Report - 6/10
O'ahu, south shore 6:30-8:30 am wind - almost none! set waves - waist to chest high I woke early and halfway thought of going down to Lighthouse so I could drop in on Neal's nemesis ... lol ... Naw, ...
by Linay
Re: Yikes, theres a Shark in my House
Hmmmm, I havent had problems finding waves. Except for my injury, I've been getting lots of waves this year. Surff, got to get out to the coast more homeslice! ;-) Ehhhhhhhhhh, Steve, whadduyuh ...
by Keermalec
Re: To like to drink to eat
... like to read alt.surfing a socially disacknowledged group of USENET to drink the milk and ride the waves and bite the arms of 13 year old ...
by saj
What can I say, i'm honored... Thank you. What now? Do I have any obligations (Am I supposed to do the compiling or anything else???)? Best of waves,
by Sweets18
Video to burn
Got two minutes to waste? Here's a little vid from HB the other day. http://www.wavecam.com/video/hbpm.wmv Not much, but I haven't shot surf video in almost a year. Wife was out of town, so I headed ...
by Scoundrel
Re: Mexico surf Michoacan Jalisco
Get the 'Surf Report' from Surfer Mag... They might be outdated and they might not list all the spots, but it's a start... Best of waves,
by fifngoopdikga
Re: Why does hot air not move cold water??
Puzzling. Waves start from an initial instability/perturbation of the water surface and build upon that. Perhaps the combination of hot air and cold water is somehow damping the formation of the ...
by Linay
Rhode island fri. am
Point Judith RI was chest- to head-high and pretty clean this morning. I paddled out at 7am at the Aves., where it was a tad smaller than the lighthouse but fewer people. The tide was way too high so ...
by NGC7319
Re: Dad to Dad/Mom
At whatever age it is fun and safe at your beach. My first contact with waves was when I was about ten. I rode an air mattress based upon mimic what the older kids were doing. In a low tide, small ...
by tianle
Re: Could anyone tell any next surf events with live coverage in the net?
Nah that's done and over with ...I got off light! :) Eh...I kinda bailed on it....I'm Repo-ing cars now...well Towing....They gave me a brand spankn new Ford F450 turbo diesel to cruise around in... ...
by NGC7319

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