Cold water surfing - wetsuit question
I have a question about cold water surfing (50 - 55 Fahrenheit). I plan on buying a 3/2 Fullsuit and some booties. My question is do you need gloves and a hood for these temps? Alex
by Scoundrel
Why does hot air not move cold water??
Here is a phenomenon that exists on the Great Lakes during springtime. Last week we had some very, very strong winds on a Low, almost hurricane force in places blow from the south. The isobars were ...
by NGC7319
Dirty Water
The water really got nasty after the Xmas rain - the first REAL rain to hammer this part of the coast this season. The next rain due around New Year's won't screw the water quite as bad, it's that ...
by Brent
Product Review/Surf Report: Oakley Water Jackets at San Miguel B.C.N
I got a pair. Hooked it up under the table from a friend of a friend who works at Oakley. (I try very hard not to pay retail for anything). My first use was last weekend, Sunday, at San Miguel in ...
by donincardona
Back in the water
a truely touching story Having never spent any quality time with my father (he died when I was 10), I appreciate your stories about surfing with your dad. Now that my boys (7 and 4) are getting older ...
by jawajedi
Aloha, Water Brother
Dear Bud! I am so sorry to hear of the loss of your dear friend & great surfer, Willie! A candle has just been lit here in Old New England tonight in his honor. The best wave I catch later this week, ...
by Bluewolf027
5Gallon Water pump
I've seen a few people here and there with these portable water pump/shower thingies. Looks like a small hand pressure pump attached to a 3 or 5 gallon water jug with a hose coming out dispensing a ...
by Brent
Re: I need a faster pop-up. Technique Ideas
I'm practicing on a shortboard. (longer boards are no problem). Since the back end of the baord is up somewhere near my knees I first need to bring my powerfoot in to find the board. This is the step ...
by jawajedi
Re: Hot guys in wetsuit
I guess they are wet, because they have been in water?
Re: Hollow wave surfboard
Priceless! For me, I have an emotion attachment to these boards. Of the five boards I have had, my first new board was a orange Hollow Wave 6'4" swallowtail in 1973 and it's always been my go-to ...
by Brother Bruce
Re: Surfing in Acapulco, Mexico?
Take your Hep C shots if you go in the water (or in the clubs in A'co)!!
by Mercury74
Re: Spraypaint on surfboard (The results)
You guessed right. It's 5' 8' and a bit short for me. The old hippy dude I bought it from was an artist and I suspect he intended to paint one of his works on the bottom of it. It may be next summer ...
by Adtchlivet
Why is my board warped
Hi, I brought a second hand 7ft custom lost board shaped by EF in Dubai, I have noticed that when you look down the board there is a distinct warp in it, where the nose and bottom have twisted to the ...
by trapdoor
Re: Surfboard rentals in Outer Banks?
Hey Bill, Believe it or not, Surffohio actually had some truth to his comment. Rodanthe *is* good (the north end). They are usually not as good as at the lighthouse (about 30 minutes from Rodanthe), ...
by jawajedi
Re: Protek rubberedge fins - opinions?
Goes like this. A friend had the bright idea of tying two leashes end-to-end so when he let his board go, it would be farther away. Sure enough, he ditched his board in front of me, and the fin ...
by callisto601
Re: Strange Question
Babes. Ya gotta have babes who can give massages to work out the cramps you get in cold water.
by Lake Effect
Re: Moving to Australia, looking for quiet surfing town
Try Agnes Water on the Queensland coast. I moved here from California in Jan 2007. Beautiful place with surf.
by tooeasy
Re: Fog surfing
Coming out of lurk for this one. Haven't been in the water for a while but one of the last times I was, a few years back, was in a heavy fog in northern Oregon. Too foggy to see the lineup, but could ...
by Cinereaopticue
Re: Baja Road Trip
When we were hitting the water (7:30) a guy angrily threw the two halves of his board down on the dirt lot. Turns out it was someone I surf with at Sunset Cliffs. I was shooting pictures from the ...
by AtomicDog
Re: Fin design and sailboat keels?
Just air entrained earlier where the board is slicing through the water, that then gets caught in the fin wake. Cavitation is a major problem with turbomachinery because of the wear it causes, when ...
by Lake Effect
Re: BIC repair
You can get this green stuff for repairing car body work - cant remeber what its called - but it sets rock solid and adheres really well - then u can just paint it. If you can find something like ...
by kdog181518
Re: ASHub Pics?
BTW, Would you also consider sending the videographer a copy of Panamasolas 1? 2001 tour approching soon. No amusing first encounters. No potential magazine deals. No pumped up fan base of AS locals ...
by NGC7319
Epoxy board:final repair report
Hell! at last i've finished it! Continuing from the last post, i've done the 'rail patch', as to repair the damage done in repairing the previous damage . This time, the lamination does not come out ...
by Brent
Re: Pics of BIG waves???
... ven't surfed big surf. You also troll easily. Just come on out in November or December. The air and water are 12-14C, and the waves come in all sizes ...
by El Shatan
Re: Hatteras Shark Attack - One Dead One Injured
You should all stop surfing. Especially in Virginia and N.C. Its far too dangerous - you could die. But seriously, I am only affected in that I can't get my kids to go with me to the beach, and my ...
by Scoundrel
Surfers and Cataracts
By the age of 80 approximately half the US population has had cataracts. That includes computer nerds that stay inside all day – for surfers who spend long hours in the sun the rates are way ...
by tony
NEWS: Human Waste Polluting California Beaches
... g California Beaches By Keith Mulvihill NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Human waste is flowing into the waters off Southern California's beaches, posing a potential health risk to the ...
by Terragen
Re: Lakesurf.com
Good windsurfing wind has a small differential between the low and high windspeeds over time...creating steady averages and constant direction....not clocking all around. Bad windsurfing wind is ...
by MANAX99
Crazy Joe rides again
OK, so I don’t write too much. After visiting with the boys at the Harbor entrance Friday night, I received a call from my friend Steve from Santa Cruz. He said Pleasure Point was 8-10 in front of ...
by MANAX99
Re: Cape canaveral.
Playlinda- is the break on the Canaveral Seashore just north of the restricted area. I haven't been there in years myself. Looking at a nautical chart, there's several shallow shoals around the point ...
by Terragen
Re: Under Arm Rash
Cut the sleeves off the rash-guard and put a thick blob of vaseline on the rashed area. worx every time, for hours. See ya in the water!! -=Skyman=- http://www.teamhollow.com
by Mortac
Re: Cold..polypro- Goretex
Sorry Doc, Been there and done that. I screamed, silently. I was pushed in with mere boardshorts, water temp 33, air temp +10F. craig ps It gets cold in Indiana, too. pps Here is the ice cover ...
by sweetnpinky17
I hit the water late arvo today ( second session for the day) only me out, about shoulder high and nearly perfect but very very inconsistent. The water was crystal clear and a pleasure to be in. 200 ...
by AnGeL7007
One last ride
I've taken the last couple of weeks off from work to be with my dad as much as possible. He has been really coughing after each session for about an hour or so, and this has been going on for about ...
by Brent
Vacation is now!
... . I will be sure to get lots of good pictures for you guys (bringing 10 rolls of film, 3 disposable water ...
by calmfury
Re: Yikes, theres a Shark in my House
... ht, about 15 feet from him were about three 2-3 foot sharks chasing baitfish into about 6 inch deep water. You could see ...
by MANAX99
To like to drink to eat
politics as unusual: a socially acknowledged nature-loving town because to like to drink the water out of the lakes to like to eat the blueberries to like the bears is not hatred to hotels and motor ...
by Mercury74
Re: New shark attack data
... f baitfish swam by. Birds were diving into it, every so often a bunch of fish would leap out of the water (I didn't see a fin) and it had a real Seafood Buffet atmosphere. Upon ...
by hotdogman85
Dad to Dad/Mom
... guys/gals recommend you start getting kids ready to surf and how?My daughter is seven and loves the water.I taught swimming for 11 years and always thought that if you get them in the water right ...
by Mortac

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