I have a Blue Hawaii surf board the I bought for my son around 25 years ago...
I have a Blue Hawaii surf board the I bought for my son around 25 years ago. How can I find out what its value is so I can get it out of my garage. Thanks T
by Guest
Surf Cams, not in my backyard...(I live east of 5)...
Hey NeoN, We had a great two-week stretch of surf at WindanSea last month, and EVEN I caught a few waves there. I bet you, BK and the rest of your crew was stoked on that south swell! (If even 1% of ...
by callisto601
Could anyone tell any next surf events with live coverage in the net?
could anyone tell any next surf events with live coverage in the net? Thanks
by Fijomnhf
Anyone ever use WaterWays Surf Adventures travel ...
He left 'bout the same time you did. hmmmm....
by callisto601
Coming Soon to a Surf Spot Near You
In the foto album (19-21) there's some guy charging Teahupoo ;) Good surfing to you,
by Linda2
2001 surf predictions
Where do all of you see yourselves in the surfing world by winter 2001? Some may be traveling to new and exotic locales while others will be pushing their limits in home waters. What's the word? For ...
by DS_84
That Surf God.
That surf God sure is a hard man, I'm sure everyone has plenty of experience with that phenomena where the surf is good when you have to work and **** on the days off - but he is so mean, the last 2 ...
by AnGeL7007
Santa Cruz Surf Report 7/13- alt.surfing hookup
... t, but I met Dave Blake for the 1st time and we drove down to Santa Cruz for a little southern hemi surf. Best surf I've had since Costa Rica in May. ...
by saj
Santa Ana RiverJetties: CA; 07/21/2001 Surf Report
Very inconsistent swell from the South or Southwest?? Up to head high...occasionally. but mostly waist to shoulder. Good Form , but weak waves. Had fun , but they were weak. The water had a bit of a ...
by tianle
Surf Report NJ 5/10
The waves were going off; OVERhead, powerful long period groundswell lines, offshore wind at 5-10mph, doesnt get too much more fun. That's all ya need to know. Btw, work was a breeze today! ;-) ...
by Brent
Bad Winter--Surf Thaw in San C Pics...
... years of so. After getting skunked by the New York blizzard on New Years Eve and not being able to surf with the New Jersey ****, I headed out to San Clemente for some sun ...
by mortimer
Surf in Turks and Caicos?
Hey all, I am looking for information about surfing in the Turks and Caicos island region. It looks to be in a good spot; however, there seems to be a thin amount of information available. Who's got ...
by Adtchlivet
Product Review/Surf Report: Oakley Water Jackets at San Miguel B.C.N
I got a pair. Hooked it up under the table from a friend of a friend who works at Oakley. (I try very hard not to pay retail for anything). My first use was last weekend, Sunday, at San Miguel in ...
by donincardona
Mexico surf Michoacan Jalisco
I'm going to Manzanillo this summer and I was looking for a detailed surf guide of Jalisco and Michoacan.... Have any Idea were could I find it.. thanks for the help..
by calmfury
Surf Report: Chicago
bob, you accused ocean surfers of being whiney, then proceeded to whine. you stated there was surf, but you didn't surf. i hope you get in another surf trip soon. winter is almost here and conditions ...
by Brent
Check it out the best surf website
by Lake Effect
Provincial surf team !
... just got a call from the boss and , he said he had no other choice but to put me on the provincial surf team. buisness is slow so i have to sign up tommorw>teehehe, i guess i wont have anything ...
by swap_v
Looking for surf reports - Isla Navidad, baja
A friend (with plane) thinks we should go. Anyone been there?
by ukmasterit
Surf pics - Hawaii
... here, on the beautiful Islands of Oahu and Maui, I liked to sit on the beach for hours to watch the surfers. But not only to watch, I took some ...
by ukmasterit
British Surf Spots?
Any brit surfers out there? I'm looking to do some research on popular surf spots in the U.K. so if someone could drop me a line I've got a whole slew of questions to ask.... TIA
by jawajedi
Falls creek surf music
A wall of djembes with didge, the houses of drumming. Surf music from nineteen hundred and sixty-three. Clip 3. Enjoy.
by Sweets18
Surf in Thailand????
All these questions about surf spots got me wondering. Any surf in Thailand, other than maybe a local typhoon or two per year. Any exposure to open swell? My wife inherited property there and we may ...
by sweetnpinky17
FINALLY! Good surf!
The surf has finally picked up down here on the Gold Coast in Australia. It is normally 3-4ft or 4-6ft on other beaches but today at the beaches that were 3-4ft normally, it was 12-16ft! There is a ...
by Mortac
Israel Surf Report
There are about 6 guys out at the Hilton, Tel Aviv break this morning hitting it on waist to chest high sets (about 3 minutes between clean-up sets). Semi-beach break (about 40-50 yards off the ...
by trapdoor
Surf Ascii Art
Just some stuff I did while I was suposed to be working today.... It doesn't quite look right in this news reader... but if you post it in notepad, it should work out. -rob % % % %% %% % %% o %% /} ...
by NGR
NJ Surf Report
Time: Sat Dawn to about 9:00 Weather: Sunny w/ very light offshore Waves: Waist to chest occasional almost head high Despite a nasty cold, low fever, and all kinds of green stuff being coughed up, I ...
by Linda2
Surf Report for Leo Carrillo, 9/8
says... Are you 'Dr. Maddux' now?
by donincardona
Putsborough Surf Report 13/4/01
Putsborough Surf Report
by Adtchlivet
Surf Rage NZ
A 63-year-old New Zealand man has been charged with assault after punching another surfer in the mouth for dropping in. New Zealand surfer Blair Stewart said Edward Rare had already 'dropped in on ...
by mortimer
Surf Check visit
by ElAleph
Sit On Top Surf Kayaks: Do You Have One?
I want to get a SOT Surf Kayak. Do you have one? What kind? How do you like it?
by AnGeL7007
Longboard Surf Contest
nope. They changed it because of the tides. It's the following weekend
by FreeOnlineGames
Where can I pawn my surfboard at or sell a used surf board
Where can I pawn my surfboard at or sell a used surf board
by Guest
The ultimate surf vehicle, revisited
And it needs a new name....
by Bluewolf027
Where are the best places in the world to surf
Best place to me honalulu
by Wave rider
PROMOTIONAL OFFER - LIMITED SPACE AVAILABLE If you are interested in attending the Gotcha Pro 2001 in Tahiti, you might be interested in our wholesale all-inclusive tour we are offering at cost! ...
by NGR
Bali(aiuto) surf da onda
Chi puo' darmi delle dritte su Bali sia talmente cortese da scrivermi a questo indirizzo saro' eternamente grato.
by jawajedi
Surf in brazil
this week have been better to surf in my place.....
by sweetnpinky17
Learn to surf in Central America
Would anyone recommend some places in Central America (costa rica, to start with) for learning to surf? I've surfed several times in Ireland but am obviously still a beginner. I'll be backpacking in ...
by Terragen
Todayss surf
I put up a few photos of a fun morning session today. It was very overcast and tough to shoot . Surf was grinding at 5:00 am. Got out at 7:00 and took a few shots. ...
by saj

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