My PNW summer vacation.
Is there no doubt why Le Mons is missing?
by David Winkee
Re: Where can I buy a California Candy wetsuit? I can't seem to ...
You can order CALI CANDY wetsuits through me. Jill Anjuli Hansen. Working on a new website this summer. Please FACEBOOK me at Jill Anjuli Hansen I am happy to take your measurements and design you ...
by JAH
Re: Spraypaint on surfboard (The results)
... s an artist and I suspect he intended to paint one of his works on the bottom of it. It may be next summer before I get a chance to get in the ...
by Adtchlivet
***** Burns White Family to Death
Police say racial fight led to Indiana fire Louisville teen charged with arson, murder By ERIC WESLANDER, The Courier-Journal A police affidavit claims Shawn Bald said, 'You have to go to sleep ...
by Meta-Meme
Re: Semi-OT == Who here skateboards?
healdsburg and santa rosa are my haunts when there's no surf. i may try to squeeze a few days in this summer to head north to oregon. they have by far the sickest parks on the west coast.
by chadnezzzz
Re: Surf in Turks and Caicos?
Yeah there is surf there. I have a good friend who's wife goes every year for research purposes and spends about a month (I'll find out what island tomorrow). He surfed there once on a borrowed board ...
by LilCindy
Re: Wave Fear Blues and Children...
... us for a while) was scared of waves when he was 3-4 years old (shin high to me is chest high), last summer he went out with me on a boogie board and I expect the same this summer. Have you ever known ...
by NGC7319
Making the most of a bobbing kind of day
... have had a good session since October! I am not a happy surfer. Soooooo ... just as Neal judges his summer by how many times he goes to Diamond Head, now I judge my winter. ...
by DS_84
Re: Leonardo DiCaprio to portray Miki Dora?
Omg, such a gullible ng. Forget Depp, Cheadie, diCaprio, they're waiting to see scripts for Dewey Weber Story, David Nuuhiwa Story, Dale Velzy Story, remake of Gidget, Wingnut Story, Endless Summer ...
by chadnezzzz
Mexico surf Michoacan Jalisco
I'm going to Manzanillo this summer and I was looking for a detailed surf guide of Jalisco and Michoacan.... Have any Idea were could I find it.. thanks for the help..
by calmfury
now hold on, Neon, we need a few more inches yet or I won't be able to run my AC all day long this summer whether I need it or not and keep the outdoor floods on 24 X 7 and run the pool filter 3 hrs ...
by hotdogman85
Tempe eh, business trip my ****. She's gone to the wave pool to sharpen up her sponging skills so she can kick your **** in that OC shorepound next summer. Rico
by sweetser
Re: Leashes on longboards
... atly expanded, nearly tripling their occupancy. The result has been increased beach traffic. In the summer tourist season, nearly all the ...
by Sweets18
Bali airfare and 5 star hotel only $1140
Hi guys, I been looking into flights to Bali and found this score BALI PROMOTION - $1140.00 Includes 5 night accomodation at a 5 star hotel, daily breakfast, airport ...
by Cinereaopticue
Re: Surfing better? (a poll)
Up though last winter, yes. I haven't had much water time this summer. I'm not sure what the effect will be once I get back in the groove.
by Lake Effect
Re: Making a longboard
A new longboard would run $600 here easily, the best I can get right now is $300(for a bic...) Ordering is atleast $100 just for the shipping of a board. Then I have to pay taxes for the board. ...
by swill321
Re: Surfing advice
you can make it up to the Minnesota State Fair this summer they have a Sunset Cow-tipping Session you may wanna check it out like that
by Keermalec
Seesion report
Session report Place : Indian River Inlet (North side) Delaware Time : 9:30am - 2:00pm Weather : Sunny, high 70's, light offshore breeze swinging around to onshores. Waves : Knee to thigh, with ...
by miobica
Electric Surfboard!
I thought I'd seen everything at Cardiff Reef until this morning! A guy had an old longboard he was experimenting with... Carved it up, reglassed/resined with 2 motorcycle batteries under the deck ...
by saj
Re: Lake Mich Doldrums-but a sizeable wave
snip Hey, Craig, I skateboarded there when I was a kid. On a skateboard with wheels that seemed uniquely designed for coming to an abrupt stop when encountering tiny pebbles. My brother and I ...
by mortimer
Re: Drop-In photos (archaic)
... /should've done ANYTHING other than cut back right into you. thats exactly what happened to me last summer, when i posted the now-famous 3-letter no-no. ;-) 'being trolled is like ...
by saj
An Ocean Beach kinda day
it wasn't OB, but it sure felt like it. i checked the home break this am after taking my daughter, veronica off to day care. it looked like every so often a decent set would come through, however the ...
by grofvuri
Re: Surf Report NJ 5/10
Speaking of Boston - I saw that break by the airport when I was flying in on Tuesday. A few guys out. I've wanted to surf it for the last 15 years!!! Maybe this Summer for hurricanes.
by davidlpf
Re: Delmarvaria AS crew (Foon, rodNDtube, etal.)
I live near the Bay Bridge, and from the bridge, if you take 404, you can make it to the Fenwick area in about 1 hour, 45 minutes. IRI is about 15 minutes north from there, OC inlet is about 140 ...
by sweetnpinky17
Re: Sebastian Inlet
Reef Raod hasn't worked in weeks! Summer is drawing near, at least that what the ocean is saying! vwwaves
by Hedgehog
Re: Surfer Madness
The media are having a field day with this and I say keep it up. Some people here in Rhode Island have remarked about how relatively uncrowded the summer surf has been this year. That
by Roger Steer
Re: In the Lap of America...
TK hits the road: Tom, by all means if your travels include the Right Coast you have an open invitation to explore the MidAtlantic as our guest. We'll provide you with phone numbers and addresses. ...
by MasterKill
Re: Sayulita/San FranciscoTrip (Long)
Reef booties protect your feet from sharp stuff in the water..reefs, sea urchins. The reef booties I have are split-toe O'neill's. They come up just to the ankle. They fit pretty snugly and they have ...
by saj
Re: Montauk, sunday june 24, 01
Ahh, Montauk... What a jewel that place is. Carson visted it (actually caught hurricane swell) back in 1996. It is hard to believe that such beauty can exist within such a relatively close distance ...
by DS_84
Re: Anyone watch Survivor?
My wife was all blubbering during the vote. Oh, Rodger! Anyway, it got me thinking about how our group's personalities would fare in a similar situation. Here's the deal. We drop off all the ...
by freelanserboy
Re: PNW - Great time for land locked bro
Yes Oswalds is a lovely place have only surfed there 1 time it was early this summer. stop by the Wa state surf spots if it saves you time on the drive.
by FreeOnlineGames
Re: Leftovers(Surfrepo rt, Norway 01.08.01)
Sounds like a typical sesh summer sesh for here H, sometimes big closeout tubes are the only tubes on offer so.. go!
by MANAX99
Re: Santa Cruz area
... l rent beach houses for the nine months of 'off season' where the homeowners can make some money on summer rentals. I was MUCH harder on rental houses just out of college than I ever was in ...
by Lake Effect
Re: Oregon Surfing
... oice for the average person.....unless you're superhuman like me. Our water is especially cold this summer. Which is actually a good thing...........cold water makes the ...
by swissloveone
Hi , im trying to find a beach/surfing village in spain or p...
... ual that is like Byron Bay in Australia. Im a beginner surfer. Want to go off for a few months this summer and basically just live and practice my surf somewhere beautiful ...
by Guest
Re: Surf Rage NZ
... n Diego, the slur was '*****' re weekend surfers from Escondido and the ever present Zoners in the summer (Arizona visitors ...
by jawajedi
Re: The Sap was running
Dear Foon! I am so glad that I checked into 'Google/Deja' today, so that I got to read your Very HeartWarming post, entitled 'The Sap was running'! The news server I subscribe to, was not downloading ...
by EldonSmith
Re: Rhode island report, thurs.
Nice to hear that you scored some juice KR. HaHa! Funny story and so...Nantasket. I was debating heading up there this morning since there might be a little more size leftover up north, but it's too ...
by miobica

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