My florida shark bite story...
great story with a couple nice extra tuoches...
by swap_v
Link to pic and story of shark bitten surfer
Found this and thought some might be interested.
by Bluewolf027
Re: I need a faster pop-up. Technique Ideas
Joey lay flat on your surfboard or sudo surfboard taped out floor with your hands beside your chest like your going to do a pushup. Take your power foot and roll it over on your inside ankle. Let the ...
by AnGeL7007
Re: Where can I buy a California Candy wetsuit? I can't seem to ...
I must say this is the first time I heard this story and it saddens me since she sure was a talented designer.
by jade
Baja Road Trip
I finally decided to head down to Baja this weekend for a taste of south-of-the-border surfing. I normally surf San Onofre, fun but crowded Californian surf, but I decided it was time for a few waves ...
by LilCindy
Sizzle Chest is right. I agree with him/her that we should have more topics like these: 'Has been' 'Hero worship' 'All San O all the time.' 'Movie star to rent-a-cop: A wasted life' 'Fat, drunk and ...
by David Winkee
Wave Fear Blues and Children...
Since today is our little boy's third brithday and I've posed this question before, I thought I'd write a prgress repost and ask for some more advice about this topic. Tommy is (for a three year old) ...
by freelanserboy
Re: Leonardo DiCaprio to portray Miki Dora?
Omg, such a gullible ng. Forget Depp, Cheadie, diCaprio, they're waiting to see scripts for Dewey Weber Story, David Nuuhiwa Story, Dale Velzy Story, remake of Gidget, Wingnut Story, Endless Summer ...
by chadnezzzz
Cape canaveral.
... ox tonight , Got me thinking about what looks like beach breaks close to the launch site. Whats the story is this surfable or a total exclusion zone? In 1990 I had a look around the site, and the ...
by AnGeL7007
Re: FOUND...rhe oldest known surfboard in history...Dog Eat Dog.
Aloha 'tah, Hold it..........if you are talking about the real-life Tubesteak and if that is whom we are actually getting messages from, then show some respect..............he is an icon in our ...
by calmfury
Re: John Doe #2
****i can't believe how many nitpickers there are for this story. i thought it was good story, well written, tied in to current events, had desparation, and surf content to boot. guys it's ...
by Fijomnhf
Re: Spooky.
wrote on 6/12/01 7:27 AM: nice story tom. sometimes makes you wonder eh?
by Bluewolf027
Re: Sweet Easterly Surprise
I'm just getting over the **** I got during the week I was in port Aransas. I was already suffering a lil bit before the killer surf I scored on Thursday the 11th. Sometimes ya just can't say ...
by swap_v
OK, that's it, brah, you're *OFF* the payroll! I might have let this slide if this was an isolated incident, but this is your *second* attempt to dis' me. For those of you who are wondering why I ...
by Linay
Re: New shark attack data
Synchronicity ... this week's cover story in the Honolulu Weekly is on the shark research being done here ( ... the full story won't be online til next week, but in ...
by MasterKill
Re: Rhode island fri. am
I had to work today (thats been my story this winter-waves on weekdays) so I couldn't hit it. I just drove by a few minutes ago and its still pretty big but the winds coming too much out of the NNW, ...
by Meta-Meme
Wave height - Hawaiin vs Mainland
Caught this interesting story. Thought the group here would enjoy:
by Roger Steer
Re: F.b.i wants me to be a darkskinned jamaican
Well, I think it is a truly horrid story, Reggie :( I just don't know what to say. Isn't there anything the F.B.I. has to pay countability to? That source could be the address you have to approach. ...
by copper
Compiling WSD 2001?
Who's doing it this year? Also, we should set up some 'best of' categories. Here's some suggestions: Best Writeup/Story Best Photography Most Stoked Most Hardcore Session Biggest/Best Waves Most ...
by Fijomnhf
Re: Its Time for the Atlantic Hurricane Season to Start Cranking
... r it! Sheesh, I took care of it, proudly sitting it on my shelf amongst my surfing trophies talking story about it to visiting bros, and even had a page for it and labeled it. ...
by donincardona
A.S topics.
Would'nt you think every topic imagineable would have been flogged to death by now on A.S ? I hav'nt seen any topic raise the emotions and get the pasionate ASers fired up in a while, and can't even ...
by MANAX99
Re: PNW Encounter
... ell, just keep hunting. I don't buy lunch for guys... except on Capitol Hill.... but that's another story. Some surfers even use ...
by fifngoopdikga
Re: Back in the water
Inspiring story, Jeff. It's about living more than about time. With cancer, living for something and having hope is a key to recovery. It sounds like your dad's chances are good. -
by NGC7319
Surfer Madness
'Surfer Madness' This was the tease headline preceding a story on the CBS radio news about surfers in New Smyrna Beach Florida, who continue to ignore the warnings and beach closings to go out in ...
by Linda2
Beached Humpback Photos
Here's the pics: (no. 6 is Mrs. Stoke© and Lil' Stoke©) Here's the story:
by SwaTT
Re: Shark Photo
Did a search for the pic but couldn't find it. However, I did find this interesting story/photo:
by Limbo
Re: Montauk, sunday june 24, 01
A much happier ending than losing keys, fighting the police and AAA! Someday I'd like to surf Montauk... someday. Rod Rodgers homepage:
by tianle
Thanks for calling this shark story to our attention. Yesterday at the Oceanside Pier they caught a maneating shark in the parking lot, but they made him spit it out. But seriously folks, shark ...
by chadnezzzz
Re: Spilling the beans...
... lly good to see you are still with us here at a.s. Your posts are always special. Deliciously funny story! Makes me wonder if the 'transluscent ...
by kdog181518
Alaskss Violent Seas
... oss this article from the Anchorage Daily News: 'Alasks's Violent Seas',2641,198292,00.html The page contains 2 video clips of ships in perilous conditions: ...
by Roger Steer
Re: Rhode island report, thurs.
Nice to hear that you scored some juice KR. HaHa! Funny story and so...Nantasket. I was debating heading up there this morning since there might be a little more size leftover up north, but it's too ...
by miobica
Re: Dog(Doody)Day Afternoon
Good story! Hey Foon, check out the picture on my website. Is this near where you surf? Indian River Inlet, Delaware.
by JohnBStone
North Coast visit
I posted a story about my weekend visit to a California north coast spot on If it's not on the home page, click on ggcarroll. Besides getting really sunburned (which ...
by Angelus897
Bahama pics.
Just scanned a few pics to go with the Bahama story I posted last night:
by AnGeL7007
Aloha M@rk
Aloha brah, The ORG looks great. I would like to add a story, but was unable to find a contact link for submission. I want to add 'The Great '51 Bentley Run'. The final augmented and edited version ...
by calmfury
Re: Surfing in the Bahamas
I've been to the Abacos twice. There are a variety of breaks, most of them coral/limestone. Reef boots are a good idea. I went in the fall both times. It was onshore wind swell most of the time. ...
by EldonSmith
-- 1/7/01
'Neal Miyake' wrote: Really nice write up Neal. Surf, Stoke, humor, introspection, hope, and resolution. Having had to sit on the sidelines like you for various reasons, I sometimes feel sorry for ...
by sweetser
Happy Canberra Day
... otally clueless about the import of it, but eager to learn. I was very impressed and humbled by the story behind Anzac Day. I am unable to find much on Canberra ...
by Limbo
All You Need To Know About The Fight Of The Montauk Eight
It is kind of bizarre story actually but the Montauk Point State Park has been a focus of a legal and local fight between surfers and surfcasters. The surfcasters have sole access to the shore ...
by Lori

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