British Surf Spots?
Any brit surfers out there? I'm looking to do some research on popular surf spots in the U.K. so if someone could drop me a line I've got a whole slew of questions to ask.... TIA
by jawajedi
Surfing in Acapulco, Mexico?
Does anyone have any information about surf spots near Acapulco, Mexico. Outside or inside the bay? Or anyplace online I could gather information from? Also, any top notch gentlemen's clubs you might ...
by mortimer
Re: Surfboard rentals in Outer Banks?
...................snipped descriptions........ Yeah boy, Surff the idiot knew something about one of the most well known spots on the OBX. Surff 'Heartache! Heartache I tell you!
by callisto601
Re: Surf in Turks and Caicos?
Sam Did you ever figure out where the sur spots are off Provodenciales? I am headed down in December for a month and I'm bringing some boards with me. Thanks Dan
by Stone
Product Review/Surf Report: Oakley Water Jackets at San Miguel B.C.N
I got a pair. Hooked it up under the table from a friend of a friend who works at Oakley. (I try very hard not to pay retail for anything). My first use was last weekend, Sunday, at San Miguel in ...
by donincardona
Surf Cams, not in my backyard...(I live east of 5)...
Hey NeoN, We had a great two-week stretch of surf at WindanSea last month, and EVEN I caught a few waves there. I bet you, BK and the rest of your crew was stoked on that south swell! (If even 1% of ...
by callisto601
Chill bro....not a lecture....I don't know too many things, but I know what I know....if you know what I mean. Wind rarely comes from the same direction in a steady stream...anemometer data tracks ...
by LilCindy
Re: Mexico surf Michoacan Jalisco
hey filippo, i am in your same problem..... i need infos on the spots in jalisco and micoachan please help us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 MattE
by swap_v
WSD- Trestles
WSD 2001 an extended version; Friday 20th Met up with Tom K at the power plant in Carlsbad and joined started the tour. I was, and still am enamored by the surf culture of southern California. We ...
by callisto601
Lodging in Maui?
... ear Kihei would be best, but anywhere with reasonable prices is : fine. : Also, where are good surf spots where an intermediate surfing couple : won't stress the locals? The Maui Coast is a decent ...
by tianle
Re: Fun in Venice
With rides that long at Venice, were you catching a refraction off the jetty wall, all the way down the beach? I caught a big swell like that once a long time ago. That was one the longest rides I've ...
by Limbo
Re: Surfing
Killer pics, the spots AND the waves look soooo fun. ...but I especially got a kick out of this pic: ...
by Angelus897
Northern California adventure - part II
... un showing its face along the middle coast of Northern California and Kira and I began checking out spots as soon as Highway 1 opened out to the vast expanse of the Pacific. I found a spot just south ...
by fifngoopdikga
Northern California adventure - part III
The betty is starting to come down with a cold and decided to stick around the house and keep my bro's wife company while we boys tracked down to the rivermouth at Navarro and paddled out into some ...
by Terragen
Re: In the Lap Dance of the PNW
TK showed up at one of my spots last fall - a right. It didn't seem to bother him. It looks to me like Tom has done a pretty broad range of spots over the years. When we met out of the water I was ...
by callisto601
Re: Any thoughts on sharks
... a's north coast and i usually try not to think about sharks when I paddle out alone at certain surf spots around here. sharks are ever present, even when they are probably nowhere around at the time. ...
by Bluewolf027
Need quick southern Oregon surfing info
We're going to go on a 2 day trip from the Oregon border up to about Coos bay. Any good surfing spots along that route? Port Orford? Thanks!
by Mercury74
Re: Surf Report NJ 5/10
... ..It's great surfing with only 5-6 of your close friends..too much press could lead to over-crowded spots. Lots of summer clowns making their ...
by AnGeL7007
Surf in Thailand????
All these questions about surf spots got me wondering. Any surf in Thailand, other than maybe a local typhoon or two per year. Any exposure to open swell? My wife inherited property there and we may ...
by sweetnpinky17
Kauai (sorta long)
Just returned from my first visit to Kauai. I was in Hanalei all of five minutes before I ran into former New Break/Sunset Cliffs local Tom Lockwood. He has been living in Hanalei for over twenty ...
by chadnezzzz
Re: Longboard pics and Morocco
I'm still a beginner so I can send you a couple pics, but I'm not sure your looking for them?! Try and check out the spots for Marocco! RC
by hotdogman85
Oregon session
I liked it thanks for the report. I also grew up in Oregon so i know the Oregon coast a little. I loaded my board last Thanksgiving and went for the 1 1/2 drive from Portland hoping to get wet but it ...
by ElAleph
Re: PNW - Great time for land locked bro
you should hit some spots in your own country and save your self the crazy exchange rate Lugan
by Roger Steer
Tired of paddling out
This is not an advertisement. Have you ever thought of a ski lift for surf spots? Tired of being in very good shape from paddling out while your co-workers are nicely plump? Envious of windsurfers ...
by mortimer
Oregon Surfing
My First time surfing the Oregon Cost was a warm experience. I was visiting family in Portland on Sat, but Sun was mine no kids or nothing just me. Woke around 8:00 Nice Little 1 1/2 drive to the ...
by DS_84
Large N Pacific Swell
The first truly substantial N Pacific storm is creating swell for Hawaii, California, and Baja Mexico. The storm is running 955 mBar, and positioned west of the dateline, and north of Hawaii. Swell ...
by Sweets18
And on the 14th day...
i got barreled again. that's right, 14 straight days of overhead surf. the smallest it has been here in the south bay of LA county was last saturday when it was head high with sneaker closeout sets. ...
by Terragen
Pictures of Fueterventura
... posted a link to some pictures of a trip to one of the Canaray Islands we did last year. The south spots are the best but the locals are really heavy - so we didn't go there that often. Have a ...
by Hedgehog
Re: Surf Check visit
All statements made in this ng are absolutely true, no questions asked! Uh?¿ who, me?¿? They're on. On my head. Unfortunately right now I live 5 miles from the beach. I LIKE THE CAMS! You must have ...
by David Winkee
The best laid plans...
... t OB waiting just for me. My plan had been to drop him off and head for coast and hit two different spots that ...
by callisto601
Surfing in the Bahamas
Hi All- Has anyone surfed in the Bahamas? From what I have read, Abacos and Eleuthera are the best spots. When is the best time of year (I asume winter)? Are they mostly reef breaks? How big? Is it ...
by Mortac
Making Water Babies
This is a guest post written by coconut girl on the important issue of surfing during pregnancy. The last few weeks, as my belly has gotten bigger, I've received comments by people suggesting ...
by Lori
Surfing in Ireland, Here's How
... ound this post about surfing places in Ireland. But for those aware of secret global-surfing hot spots, more than a few can be found in Ireland, almost all of them along the western coast. ...
by Lori

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