Report : Israel 6/2/01
Ben, nice report as usual, Thought you served your time and were discharged? Not speculating on your political situation but I hope it is soon. Best of luck, Andy 5 years since mine, and glad it's ...
by swill321
Oahu Session Report 1.13.01
Saturday January 13, 2001 10:00a-1:00p Avg wave face 6-7 feet Sets wave face 8-9 feet, occ lil bigger Offshore & clear; Later became onshore & raining Headed out mid morning with MM, looking for ...
by sweetnpinky17
Santa Cruz Surf Report 7/13- alt.surfing hookup
Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeehaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!!!! Don't have the energy for along winded report, but I met Dave Blake for the 1st time and we drove down to Santa Cruz for a little southern hemi surf. Best surf ...
by saj
Santa Ana RiverJetties: CA; 07/21/2001 Surf Report
Very inconsistent swell from the South or Southwest?? Up to head high...occasionally. but mostly waist to shoulder. Good Form , but weak waves. Had fun , but they were weak. The water had a bit of a ...
by tianle
Surf Report NJ 5/10
The waves were going off; OVERhead, powerful long period groundswell lines, offshore wind at 5-10mph, doesnt get too much more fun. That's all ya need to know. Btw, work was a breeze today! ;-) ...
by Brent
Product Review/Surf Report: Oakley Water Jackets at San Miguel B.C.N
I got a pair. Hooked it up under the table from a friend of a friend who works at Oakley. (I try very hard not to pay retail for anything). My first use was last weekend, Sunday, at San Miguel in ...
by donincardona
Seesion report
Session report Place : Indian River Inlet (North side) Delaware Time : 9:30am - 2:00pm Weather : Sunny, high 70's, light offshore breeze swinging around to onshores. Waves : Knee to thigh, with ...
by miobica
Surf Report: Chicago
bob, you accused ocean surfers of being whiney, then proceeded to whine. you stated there was surf, but you didn't surf. i hope you get in another surf trip soon. winter is almost here and conditions ...
by Brent
Rhode island report, thurs.
Here in New England, USA we have a fun-sized ground swell coming in from an ocean storm situated N of Bermuda. Size is a little overhead on the sets right now, forecast to increase until tonight, and ...
by swill321
Fort Pierce Inlet report
LOL But the question is, can you **** in their mouths?
by El Shatan
Report from indo #3
Mistri, Adi and Wayan. 'The Girls' on the beach in front of the Bali Bintang Hotel at Tuban.
by Elaine
Israel Surf Report
There are about 6 guys out at the Hilton, Tel Aviv break this morning hitting it on waist to chest high sets (about 3 minutes between clean-up sets). Semi-beach break (about 40-50 yards off the ...
by trapdoor
Oahu Sesh Report - 6/10
O'ahu, south shore 6:30-8:30 am wind - almost none! set waves - waist to chest high I woke early and halfway thought of going down to Lighthouse so I could drop in on Neal's nemesis ... lol ... Naw, ...
by Linay
Oahu Session Report 3.18.01 (LONG!)
Excellent and accurate report! I think I got pics of the 'drop-in' incident and the subsequent barrel, complete with detritus in the wall. Hope to finish off the roll of film tomorrow :-).
by Adtchlivet
NJ Surf Report
Time: Sat Dawn to about 9:00 Weather: Sunny w/ very light offshore Waves: Waist to chest occasional almost head high Despite a nasty cold, low fever, and all kinds of green stuff being coughed up, I ...
by Linda2
Surf Report for Leo Carrillo, 9/8
says... Are you 'Dr. Maddux' now?
by donincardona
Putsborough Surf Report 13/4/01
Putsborough Surf Report
by Adtchlivet
Baja report
Not a detailed one, but K-38 was doing its thing Friday and Saturday. Pumped all day friday. (got there around 6:30 PM for two solid hours of primetime) Saturday, the swell played back and forth all ...
by Meta-Meme
Sebastian Inlet Report
This morning I had to be in Sebastian so I brought my board. Drove north on A1A and as you go up the bridge over the inlet you slow down to check out the surf. **** small but wind offshore. Another ...
by Hedgehog
Epoxy board:final repair report
Hell! at last i've finished it! Continuing from the last post, i've done the 'rail patch', as to repair the damage done in repairing the previous damage . This time, the lamination does not come out ...
by Brent
Fort pierce inlet report
I looked at the sebastian web cam this morning and made the call- Fort Pierce Inlet. Sensei Dave is back in action and surfing so we hit it and found waist to chest high barrells both right and left. ...
by kdog181518
Report: 8/14-17/01, SE NC
After a hella-busy July I talked the SO into a road trip. Hatteras? Nah, too many OBX decals. Folly? SC doesn't do it. Wilmington? Sure. Got on the horn Monday and was able to score a room at a sweet ...
by Hedgehog
When Weather Changes And Sharks Meet
Thanks for the explanation, climate phenomenons have all sort of influences that we would have to learn more carefully, the recent project that you report sounds really interesting
by H2O
***** Burns White Family to Death
Police say racial fight led to Indiana fire Louisville teen charged with arson, murder By ERIC WESLANDER, The Courier-Journal A police affidavit claims Shawn Bald said, 'You have to go to sleep ...
by Meta-Meme
Re: ASHub Pics?
BTW, Would you also consider sending the videographer a copy of Panamasolas 1? 2001 tour approching soon. No amusing first encounters. No potential magazine deals. No pumped up fan base of AS locals ...
by NGC7319
Divers? Sharks? Attacks?
It seems that the the recent shark 'attacks' have brought out many of the eco folks and propelled them to stand upon the soap box and speak out against divers feeding sharks. They seem to think that ...
by kleblanc
NEWS: Human Waste Polluting California Beaches
Thursday February 22 7:02 PM ET Human Waste Polluting California Beaches By Keith Mulvihill NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Human waste is flowing into the waters off Southern California's beaches, ...
by Terragen
Re: Crazy Joe rides again
But you wrote up a nice report... Friday was the best day I've seen in quite a while at the Hook, if not the best ever. 1.5x on the drop peeling to overhead. Surfed from 11am to 3pm and it actually ...
by Scoundrel
SortofPalooza SantaCruzinPaloozi n
It Has Been (and continues to be) such a Very Fine Delight!! to follow each & all of the posts & pics & videos about these Off-Da-Scale Joyous, Good Fun, Classic & HeartWarming Alt.Surfing ...
by swissloveone
Re: Spooky.
'westoz' says...
by SwaTT
Re: Sweet Easterly Surprise
very nice report Sus. I can almost feelmyself being there:-)......todd. ...............>
by JohnBStone
Re: WSD 2003 soon?
Awww, at last we have a WSD at a time unlikely yo be flat in the UK and I'm out of the country! Will just have to post a snow report!
by grofvuri
... s is your *second* attempt to dis' me. For those of you who are wondering why I didn't submit a WSD report, it's cuz ...
by Linay
Re: Mexico surf Michoacan Jalisco
Get the 'Surf Report' from Surfer Mag... They might be outdated and they might not list all the spots, but it's a start... Best of waves,
by fifngoopdikga
Re: Death of the Surfmobile -- 12/00
This reminded me that I had a great Surf Report map of Oahu stashed between the seats. Forgot to look for it. ****!
by mortimer
Re: WSD- Trestles
Nice report. Thanks. For what it is worth, when I was a senior at Carlsbad High School a few decades ago, our teachers survey our class to see how many of us were originally from California. As I ...
by NGC7319
4X OH - Santa Cruz
for a half-man :) others: Report: Surfed East Side on Saturday, the entire lineup took three large 15 foot face sets on the head. Everyone got caught inside, I've ...
by Roger Steer
Re: Graphic representation of WSD reports?
Yes!!! It truly would be so much fun to see that! Great Idea, Mike! It really is so Beautiful, reading everyone's Stokingly Righteous WSD Reports.....and what has struck me above all, is how many ...
by MANAX99
Re: Refute This!: Part II
But wasn't that surf report from like 1923 or something?
by FreeOnlineGames
Re: Sharks Info Deluxe
For what it is worth. The file is based upon reported attacks. Interestingly, the number of attacks 'known' by surfers in Oregon is far greater than the number in the ISAFs. I mentioned this to ...
by ElAleph

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