ASHub Pics?
I'm looking forward to when this feature is operative and I don't know how it will be set up. Does anyone know? (shows what an insider I am) If the format is still in question, I would recommend ...
by kdog181518
Pics of BIG waves???
I'm looking for pics of big waves (20 feet and up). If anyone knows any good
by Brent
Sept 8 pics
Another gray overcast day. Very fun surf at the local break. Nate was there doing his video thing. I made him move since he was occupying my 10 sq yards of beach that I shoot from. These young punks ...
by Mercury74
Some pics
Well guys (and gals) I made an attempt at creating a web site using (gasp) Front Page. It helped me past the time while recovering from my surgery. It is a simple site dedicated to posting surf ...
by calmfury
Longboard pics and Morocco
I'm looking for some longboarding pics with lots of 'wow' factor.. .... do you know of any websites I could visit.. (preferably without having to pay!!!) ...or if you have any yourself, you could ...
by fifngoopdikga
Bad Winter--Surf Thaw in San C Pics...
Here in Chicago it's been a bad winter so far..worst in twenty years of so. After getting skunked by the New York blizzard on New Years Eve and not being able to surf with the New Jersey ****, I ...
by mortimer
Surf pics - Hawaii
Hi! I´m an amateur-photographer from Germany and my last vacation lead me to Hawaii. There, on the beautiful Islands of Oahu and Maui, I liked to sit on the beach for hours to watch the surfers. But ...
by ukmasterit
Dewey Weber Surfboard pics. Ill try posting here
All right! Another strong entrant for the Kook of the Year! what a maroon. Turby the Turbosurfer
PNW Pics
The family was going to Eastern Wa for the weekend but at the last min I decided to read the pamphlet NO DOGS ALLOWED! So i said to the wife lets go to the coast. The weather was beautiful the sun ...
by Razide Zero
Some pics 8/25/01
It was a very overcast day making it tough to shoot. San Diego beach break on a small, fun day . The young lady is Kerry. Just learning to surf and very stoked. The body surfer was using a hand plane ...
by sweetnpinky17
Bahama pics.
Just scanned a few pics to go with the Bahama story I posted last night:
by AnGeL7007
Re: I have a W.A.V.E. Hollow 7'0 swallow tail gun with the original 2 color sin...
Im interested and I'd like to see pics.
by Tony Stewart
Re: Where can I buy a California Candy wetsuit? I can't seem to ...
Thanks Grinder. These are things one cannot see in online pics.
by jade
Re: I have a hollow wave surfboard ...picked out of the garbage....
<email> . My name is Dom and I'm going to send you pics on Wednesday when I get back to the board.
by Dom
Re: I have 2 surfboards that I need to sell and I can't find pricing for either...
Here are 2 pics. Appears to be I can tell. I sent pics to a guy in FL that has a surf shop and he seemed to think it was also.
by Brett
Re: Baja Road Trip
When we were hitting the water (7:30) a guy angrily threw the two halves of his board down on the dirt lot. Turns out it was someone I surf with at Sunset Cliffs. I was shooting pictures from the ...
by AtomicDog
Re: Blue Hawaiisurf Board
Hey, how damaged, got any pics?
by Sandman
Re: Shark Bitten Boards?
Gday, In Australia the last 12 months has been pretty ordinary for sharks. I dont fancy your chances getting a board, coz if I had one I'd never sell it. I'd try Tracks Surfing Magazine, ...
by NGR
Re: Balsa Wood Boards
Chris and Jan are in Indian Harbour Beach, FL. I am awaiting some pics to post to the paipo site. Also received a collection of about 6 pics of a paipo made from pine by a waverider in England (shows ...
Re: Willis Brothers surfboards
Hi Brad Thanks for getting back to me, can you send a few pics of the board when you get a chance? Thanks Mike
by Mike
Re: Surf Cams, not in my backyard...(I live east of 5)...
... s regarding the proposal to put up a live cam. There are several sites putting up reports and still pics and even a short video clip of WindanSea on a daily basis. To my knowledge, there is still no ...
by JastinKey
Re: Barbados - December
... here's any north swell, it breaks like Indo over there. check out for pics...lots of ...
by MasterKill
SortofPalooza SantaCruzinPaloozi n
It Has Been (and continues to be) such a Very Fine Delight!! to follow each & all of the posts & pics & videos about these Off-Da-Scale Joyous, Good Fun, Classic & HeartWarming Alt.Surfing ...
by swissloveone
Oahu Sesh Report - 6/10
O'ahu, south shore 6:30-8:30 am wind - almost none! set waves - waist to chest high I woke early and halfway thought of going down to Lighthouse so I could drop in on Neal's nemesis ... lol ... Naw, ...
by Linay
Re: Vacation is now!
Have a good trip. Looking forward to the pics.
by jawajedi
Avalanche stills
Okay, I got a new video camera and these are the results of me playing with it. Since I bought the cam There hasn't been any real surf so I haven't been able to take any digital video and put those ...
by SwaTT
Oahu Session Report 3.18.01 (LONG!)
Excellent and accurate report! I think I got pics of the 'drop-in' incident and the subsequent barrel, complete with detritus in the wall. Hope to finish off the roll of film tomorrow :-).
by Adtchlivet
Re: A few more PI(S LMich).....
Montrose looks incredible!!! Next time I fly into Chicago on business I'm brining my stick!!! Chris LOL - good lake pics though
by sweetnpinky17
Re: New photos
holy ****,what nice clean surfable stuff! who is the loser who sat in the boat in the channel taking pics instead of surfing??? whoever the 'loser' hat is off to'm!
by LilCindy
Re: This ones for you. M@rk
Hahaaaa, and guess what? I finally got a.b.p.o.s to come up on my server!!! I looked at the page you made anyway! Cool pics.
by AnGeL7007
Color Me Surfing
... n all shores, but Photoshop 6 came in the mail last week so I'm working on my first ever color surf pics. I got good response from the one I put up on Cam's page so I thought I would see what I could ...
by Limbo
Re: Surfing
Very nice pics. Especially the disposable water cam shot.
by Limbo
Re: Oahu Session Report 1.13.01
?? WoW.... wish I was as spoiled! Bud, awesome report and pics...bummer about the stick...this pic is so sic.... Unreal cutback!! Waveless In Jersey...
by SwaTT
Re: World longboard champs NZ
... here anti-propaganda campaign that's been in operation for the last 30 years or so whereby all surf pics sent to the north of the planet must have that mandatory onshore ...
by DS_84
Re: Dot com surfers part two
Great pics...are they all from southern california?
by callisto601
PNW Encounter
... he headlining or just in the chorus line? Did you check your purse afterward? Just wondering :) Any pics? Love to see that. Well you pretty much gotta amplify this statement ...
by Roger Steer
Re: Surfing w/ Laker Craig in Mainland Mex
Great report, I think I'll save it as travel research. Thanks for sharing, I'd love to hear more non-surf travel details if you find the time, and look forward to the pics.
by NGC7319
Re: South Swell Oahu 8.6.01
... nal sets that broke further out, but like the photos show, most were 30-75 feet from the shore. The pics of that beachbreak can ...
by trapdoor
Beached Humpback Photos
Here's the pics: (no. 6 is Mrs. Stoke© and Lil' Stoke©) Here's the story:
by SwaTT

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