New photos
I just added a new set of pictures- Surfing Sumatra 2 enjoy! I will add part 3 in the near future OBsurfr(knee4speed)
by Mortac
Beached Humpback Photos
Here's the pics: (no. 6 is Mrs. Stoke© and Lil' Stoke©) Here's the story:
by SwaTT
Drop-In photos (archaic)
See the waves that everyone was dropping in for. A few photos here: Drop-Ins, Part 1
by Limbo
Endless Waves In NJ - Vol 2 (more photos)
Snapped these right before suiting up and surfing completely solo with no one in sight till dark. Lip smacker's buffett. We're back on a consistancy thing again ... I think, no *HOPE*! It was firing ...
by Fijomnhf
Surfboard Collector, Surfboards From The 70th And The 80th
Some people use old surfboards as decorations and others collect them as a special hobby. If you are into some surfboards history check the post on pushingtide about the Aussie collector. If ...
by Lori
Re: I need a faster pop-up. Technique Ideas
Joey lay flat on your surfboard or sudo surfboard taped out floor with your hands beside your chest like your going to do a pushup. Take your power foot and roll it over on your inside ankle. Let the ...
by AnGeL7007
Re: Where can I buy a California Candy wetsuit? I can't seem to ...
Hi there, I bought a Candy Wetsuit a couple of years ago and just love it! It was fits perfectly, is well made, super warm and one of the best wetsuits I own. I would highly recommend them. The ...
by Annie B from NZ
Re: I have a hollow wave surfboard ...picked out of the garbage....
I'm still looking for a Hollow Wave. Let's see the photos.
by Ed
Re: I have a Blue Hawaii surf board the I bought for my son around 25 years ago...
You got any photos of your Blue Hawaii? Any flames on it? Email attached.
by Sandman
Re: Panama surfing
Well ... I found tropix on Bocas, they have an email address (thanks for the replies courtney), and page: And Radical Surf Shop in Panama city, but I found no ...
by donincardona
Re: Baja Road Trip
Ben, Carson and I were at k38 on Sunday. Were you guys out a Theresa's that day? I hung out there after surfing and took some photos from the restaraunt.
by JohnBStone
Re: Shark Bitten Boards?
... tons of abuse from my friends who don't surf. it still has sentimental value, though. i've got some photos of the board taken a few days after the ...
by Mortac
ASHub Pics?
I'm looking forward to when this feature is operative and I don't know how it will be set up. Does anyone know? (shows what an insider I am) If the format is still in question, I would recommend ...
by kdog181518
Surf pics - Hawaii
Hi! I´m an amateur-photographer from Germany and my last vacation lead me to Hawaii. There, on the beautiful Islands of Oahu and Maui, I liked to sit on the beach for hours to watch the surfers. But ...
by ukmasterit
Re: Trying to figure out value of my Brewer W.A.V.E. Hollow board
Hi Steve, Yes i'm still interested but probably more like $400 and id like to see some more general condition photos especially of the dings. Scott
by Scott
TSJ Vol 2
Just finished reading (pretty much cover to cover) the Surfer's Journal, volume 2 compilation (I own the v2#4 mag). I did not have the foresight to subscribe from the start (too cheap), but have ...
by Mortac
Re: Leonardo DiCaprio to portray Miki Dora?
... there are currently two Dora books in train: David Resin's biography and Tom Adler's 8 x 10 book of photos, 'frame grabs,' and interviews with text by Craig Stecyk. I understand that Adler's book is ...
by sweetnpinky17
Re: Sept 8 pics
Hey nice work you guys, enjoyed the photos immensely. Fun looking surf and a neat collaboration, intentional or not! Good surfing to you,
by Linda2
Sloppy Saturday
I posted some photos in the binaries newsgroup. Since I was using a borrowed digital camera with limited zoom range, some of the photos aren't as clear and crisp as I'd like them to be. I missed big ...
by NGR
STOKED! Hey NJ ASers...
no ****! I was checking the FNMOC and SHAZAM! Looks like a good time for you guys to take off work. Is 'the Keener' in your neck of the woods this week? If not he better put some high-test in his ...
by Mortac
Re: New Mavericks mpegs
Your link doesn't work and either do many of the photos on the main page. Sorry!
by NGC7319
Re: World longboard champs NZ
... n't get in trouble with the Oz Department of Anti-Tourism or whatever for those immaculately glassy photos you've posted in the past. I guess you could plead indigence if the windslop extension for ...
by mydogjo
Surfing w/ Laker Craig in Mainland Mex
Surfing with LakerCraig in Mainland Mex Met up with the Lake-Man himself at Puerto Vallarta airport. I was standing at the car rental booth and turned around and there he was with full fam in tow. ...
by Mercury74
New Scans Posted on a.b.p.s.o.s
I've posted a lot of new scans of art and photos on Check it out
by Keermalec
Re: Finding craig
bzzzt. When I got stoned enough _anything_ looked photogenic. You can always tell my 'pot shots'. They were the photos of wood grain, swash lines, and peeling paint. Tom Keener
by jawajedi
Research on Nayarit
... or SW swells exclusively. After scouring the web, nothing but weak information at best and minimal photos. Are the travel agents and resorts lying? ****! I may have to ...
by AtomicDog
Re: South Swell Oahu 8.6.01
... someone goes right, everyone looks. There were occasional sets that broke further out, but like the photos show, most were 30-75 feet from the shore. The pics of that beachbreak can ...
by trapdoor
Kauai (sorta long)
Just returned from my first visit to Kauai. I was in Hanalei all of five minutes before I ran into former New Break/Sunset Cliffs local Tom Lockwood. He has been living in Hanalei for over twenty ...
by chadnezzzz
Re: 29/4 Trestles pix
Arggg! (That's my 'I'm surfing crappy waves' cry) Nice photos there Ben, looks like a great day! Sob! Andy (back to my wind swell)
by LilCindy
Re: Foon in Hawaii
appearent reason, other than to say That's as funny as any of the doctored photos.
by sweetnpinky17
Re: Even more pix from Costa Rica
As I said, I never saw it any bigger than waist high. If you do get some good sized south's, try to plan your drive south (or north) from Tamarindo so that you stop and Boca Barranca - if not ...
by Angelus897
Re: New to group
to show us eloquence and wisdom by saying Are you going to post photos in alt.binaries.gymnasties?
by Mortac
Kakaako Park to Kapiolani Park (photo shoot)
Took a Rollerblading tour of the South Shore coast on Friday. Here are some pics:
by Limbo
Re: Provincial surf team !
Those photos are 7 years old. Just a freak event. Most storm swell on the inside passage are generated by SEers and can be surfed from Parksville to Campbel River if you're right on it. I've only ...
by NGR
Sumatra 3
I just added more Sumatra photos see Sumatra 3 cut and paste =15105207 stay tuned for Sumatra 4
by David Winkee
Re: Looking for surf reports - Isla Navidad, baja
I zipped down to the Safeway to take a look at the article in Surfer Mag. Thanks for all the info, and especially the cool photos from WARDOG.
by Brent
I have a lost enterprises surfboard it's 6ft1 and has been autographed by 4...
I have a lost enterprises surfboard it's 6ft1 and has been autographed by 4 ladies pros including Sofia malcovich and Kela Keneally . Any idea of the value? It's been surfed a handful of times, minor ...
by Guest
Re: New Scans Posted to a.b.p.s.o.s
How many people post photos on ABPSOS? I can never seem to get to it and wondered, how much am I missing? Cant you post them on the web? Id like to see them.
by sweetnpinky17
Bahama pics.
Just scanned a few pics to go with the Bahama story I posted last night:
by AnGeL7007
Amazing Surf Art
The artist has a whole gallery and was kind enough to allow me to use his photos
by Lori

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