Back to the North Shore -- 3/3/01
Even though I had surfed the week before, I was still not satiated (actually, when it comes to surfing, you never really are). I yearned to bodyboard specifically at Pipeline, where the waves just ...
by Lake Effect
North Coast visit
I posted a story about my weekend visit to a California north coast spot on If it's not on the home page, click on ggcarroll. Besides getting really sunburned (which ...
by Angelus897
Re: Cold water surfing - wetsuit question
Okay.. I saw a nice ketch, not long ago...... that'd suit me just fine. Perfect for checking out those unknown islands out beyond the beyond. Just for grins.... I'm kinda curious; just where in ...
by DS_84
Re: Surfing in Acapulco, Mexico?
The best place near town would be to the south of the bay and that is at the Princess. There it is a beachbreak and is surf is best formed during dawn patrols. In the afternoon the surf can be blown ...
by fifngoopdikga
Surfboard rentals in Outer Banks?
I will be on vacation on the Outer Banks of North Carolina this August. Does anyone have any suggestions for where I can rent a surf board for a week for a good price? Thanks,
by Angelus897
Re: Strange Question
Since I surf somewhere north of San Francisco and it is beginning to get cold, I would like a spa attached to this Surfer's Paradise with a hot tub, steam room and sauna (maybe massage.) The rest of ...
by EldonSmith
Re: Semi-OT == Who here skateboards?
healdsburg and santa rosa are my haunts when there's no surf. i may try to squeeze a few days in this summer to head north to oregon. they have by far the sickest parks on the west coast.
by chadnezzzz
Making the most of a bobbing kind of day
O'ahu It has been F-L-A-T on the south shore. Don't think I have had a good session since October! I am not a happy surfer. Soooooo ... just as Neal judges his summer by how many times he goes to ...
by DS_84
Re: Pics of BIG waves???
Not quite 20 feet, but as large as Ocean Beach is ridden. FWIW, my buddy the photographer took the photo, and I've only talked him into taking pics once (and he didn't even find me in the lineup). If ...
by ukmasterit
Re: Barbados - December
... winter and scored epic waves. If your staying on the east coast be sure to head west if there's any north swell, it breaks like Indo over there. check out for ...
by MasterKill
Hi there...can anyone suggest where I might find someone to ...
Hi there...can anyone suggest where I might find someone to restore a surf board in the North West of England?....Many thanks!
by Guest
Crazy Joe rides again
OK, so I don’t write too much. After visiting with the boys at the Harbor entrance Friday night, I received a call from my friend Steve from Santa Cruz. He said Pleasure Point was 8-10 in front of ...
by MANAX99
Re: Cape canaveral.
Playlinda- is the break on the Canaveral Seashore just north of the restricted area. I haven't been there in years myself. Looking at a nautical chart, there's several shallow shoals around the point ...
by Terragen
Re: New shark attack data
Vaguely remember something similar. Heard that someone once tagged a tiger shark off of Oahu. The guy cruised the North Shore, then swam all the way to Kauai (100 miles away), before the tag came ...
by El Shatan
Re: Why does hot air not move cold water??
Uhmm.... I had a crazy idea about that.... and I followed it up. Have a look at Uh huh. It's not the water temperature so much as it is the fetch: how far ...
by El Shatan
Re: Rhode island fri. am
I just talked to my friend on the North Shore of Mass. who said it was absolutely firing up there this morning, solid overhead to double-overhead on the biggest sets. Best swell of the winter. KR, ...
by Mercury74
Re: Fort Pierce Inlet report
I plan to surf sebastian or further north on Thursday. I have a doctors appointment with a natural healing doctor, Dr Holyk of Contemporary Health at 10AM should be able to hit seb or north around ...
by sweetnpinky17
Re: A few more PI(S LMich).....
I understand that is abondoning the Cortes Banks and looking into what the Chicago Park District can offer. I can see it now... Kelly Slater and Sunny Garcia converging on O'Hare, ...
by Hedgehog
Lodging in Maui?
: given. Near Kihei would be best, but anywhere with reasonable prices is : fine. : Also, where are good surf spots where an intermediate surfing couple : won't stress the locals? The Maui Coast is a ...
by tianle
Re: Surfing advice
Half pipe in Des Moines is much more difficult than full Pipe on the North Shore. By the way, do you know how to swim? That's one differece from skateboarding. Oh, and the other thing as a test, run ...
by callisto601
Re: Seesion report
There seems to be a little long-period swell in the northeast US, sneaking in from somewhere, maybe the forntal system a couple hundred miles out there. Too bad it's only knee-high here in RI, but I ...
by ukmasterit
Re: Stuck in Santa Rosa
Hello TD, Salmon Creek, north of Bodega, might have some surf. I know it wasn't so hot up here this afternoon and from what I've heard, there may not be much action this coming week. You can also ...
by hotdogman85
Re: BULL shark
... then see in Lake Nigaragua. Years ago a dead bull shark was found on the shores of the Mississippi north of St. Louis. How the shark got there is the subject of debate. There ...
by DS_84
Re: Fun in Venice
Ferg, The bottom contour of the South jetty has changed significantly in the past year or so, and there is not too much refraction off the jetty. The swell was coming from the SE so the jetty ...
by ElAleph
Northern California adventure - part II
The swell has begun showing its face along the middle coast of Northern California and Kira and I began checking out spots as soon as Highway 1 opened out to the vast expanse of the Pacific. I found ...
by fifngoopdikga
Re: Lake Mich Doldrums-but a sizeable wave
Yeah, a new skate park with 8 ft bowls was just completed north of 46th St on the South Side in Chicago. Since I will be doing more grad work at the U of Chi down there starting June, I will check it ...
by hotdogman85
Right coasters are you ready for the big one?
Monday August 27 2:06 PM ET Deadly Atlantic Waves Studied By RANDOLPH E. SCHMID, Associated Press Writer WASHINGTON (AP) - Giant ocean waves could slam into the East Coast if a volcano across the ...
by MasterKill
Re: Mexico
try 'el tecuan', about 45 min north of manzanillo. used to be a really nice, low key but plush hotel there right on the beach, with horses, tennis courts, and a landing strip. now its probably a bit ...
by MANAX99
Re: Any thoughts on sharks
i surf in the waters of california's north coast and i usually try not to think about sharks when I paddle out alone at certain surf spots around here. sharks are ever present, even when they are ...
by Bluewolf027
Re: 2001 surf predictions
North or South ?
by Razide Zero
Re: World longboard champs NZ
... nda campaign that's been in operation for the last 30 years or so whereby all surf pics sent to the north of the planet must have that mandatory onshore ...
by DS_84
Re: Santa Cruz Surf Report 7/13- alt.surfing hookup
... ome pretty good talent out there. gioni and jeff kaplan were out as well. i surfed at a mile marker north of town after shooting this (much ...
by Keermalec
Re: Santa Ana RiverJetties: CA; 07/21/2001 Surf Report
Sounds a lot like north HB was. Except you failed to mention the simulated whale **** and other human by-products. Disgusting !!
by tianle
Re: Surf Report for Leo Carrillo, 9/8
Glad you got some good surf! Are people surfing the outer point (100 yards north) there now? Did you check Zeros by chance?
by hotdogman85
Surfing w/ Laker Craig in Mainland Mex
Surfing with LakerCraig in Mainland Mex Met up with the Lake-Man himself at Puerto Vallarta airport. I was standing at the car rental booth and turned around and there he was with full fam in tow. ...
by Mercury74
Re: Delmarvaria AS crew (Foon, rodNDtube, etal.)
... take 404, you can make it to the Fenwick area in about 1 hour, 45 minutes. IRI is about 15 minutes north from there, OC inlet is about 140 blocks south (the drive time to OC Inlet can ...
by sweetnpinky17
Sebastian Inlet
Caught some very fun 1st peak surf at the Inlet this afternoon/evening from the low that was spinning in the North Atlantic. Waves were chest to head high with fast meaty wedges.Tight local crew so ...
by swissloveone
Kauai (sorta long)
Just returned from my first visit to Kauai. I was in Hanalei all of five minutes before I ran into former New Break/Sunset Cliffs local Tom Lockwood. He has been living in Hanalei for over twenty ...
by chadnezzzz
In the Lap of America...
I'm bored. It's time for me to see some new places, meet some new faces. I've got itchy feet and a fast motorcycle. The Silver Surfer (my trusty Honda) is tuned and ready to ride. I'll be leaving ...
by miobica
Re: Longboard pics and Morocco
I've just been to Marocco and went surfing just North of Agadir. You don't want to stay in Agadir (Too many German and Russian old tourists that go for the all-in packages). We went to Taghazout ...
by NGR

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