Delmarvaria AS crew (Foon, rodNDtube, etal.)
My wife has an job interview in DC, and as always we 'must' live within driving distance from the coast (the rule is around 45min). The office is across the Potomac in Falls Church. Looking at the ...
by mortimer
Foon in Hawaii
Hey, I forgot to publish this picture I took last year of Foon surfing in Hawaii:
by Roger Steer
Re: Aloha Denny Waller
'3trees' says... Couple years ago I was touring the Smithsonian Institutions Museum of American History in Wash DC. They have exhibits that chronical the American culture by the decade and somewhere ...
by Mercury74
Re: Surfboard rentals in Outer Banks?
I didn't check on rentals, except for the pink boogie board I rented in case Foon showed up. But, I liked the people at Rodanthe Surf Shop. Surff 'I became handicapped and took up boogie boarding.'
by miobica
ASHub Pics?
I'm looking forward to when this feature is operative and I don't know how it will be set up. Does anyone know? (shows what an insider I am) If the format is still in question, I would recommend ...
by kdog181518
Re: Hatteras Shark Attack - One Dead One Injured
noSURFatu' says... Avon??!! Future site of the GP2k1?? Hmmmmmm. (note to self: Issue anonymous plea to Agent Utah to join us, all expenses paid, and if he could bring that quiver of machetes, we pay ...
by NGC7319
Re: Leonardo DiCaprio to portray Miki Dora?
at says... I think I would have picked Johnny Depp or maybe Ray Liotta. or Don Cheadle...........(Miki was always very tan) -Foon (or Woody Harrelson, just for that gaptooth thing)
by Linay
Re: Spooky.
lloyd says... Well thank you Lloyd, I've been compared to a lot of things in this group but not a hot little cow ;^) -Hot Lil Foon
by Limbo
Yikes, theres a Shark in my House
The mass media is in a feeding frenzy regarding the many shark attacks in Volutia County over the weekend, especially in NSB. Overheard last night on a radio show was a reporter asking a local ...
by AnGeL7007
Re: Its 1:15 A.M. X-mas day
We're beginning to understand whaat MrsSurff faces every day. ;^) -Foon (Presents were wrapped by Thursday all except the only one I bought on line -it never showed up. Never again)
by El Shatan
Re: How do people wipe their ****? standing up or sitting down?
just to let you all know whats goin on my friend...'dunkster93' and me somehow got into this discussion while we were campin last we wanted to put up a survey somewhere and i coulodnt ...
by tianle
Re: Death of the Surfmobile -- 12/00
Lol! It's a good neighborhood! Promise! Ask foon.
by EldonSmith
Re: WSD- Trestles
understand) Yes, I agree Foon it was a most excellent read...I'd vote Andy for the Thermos... Cheers
by sweetser
A storm formerly known as Allison
I heard Shaq say this in a news conference recently. Is he quoting you or are you quoting him? -Foon (Wish I had a Benz, even with no rims)
by NGR
Re: GuidoPalmusings
Good one Foon! I was believing your little Oprah day-time special until you said this: 'but given the choice I'd rather surf.' Chappy, do you need me to rewrite that for you? ...
by hotdogman85
Re: More Surfing for Life
I did get a copy of it from last week's showing on D.C.'s PBS station. I'll try to remember to bring it down with a couple of other videos this weekend. Rod Rodgers homepage: ...
by callisto601
Re: Surfing better? (a poll)
Gallup polster 'Neal says... Of course not :) But I think I appreciate the good rides I do get more. -Foon (Still stoked over surf I caught almost a year ago)
by Adtchlivet
Re: Morocco/France in October
The 'other' Mrs. Foon (that goes by the name 'Jeff' - just goes to show the man values diversity). Foon, both wives out of town at the same time? Wow, what a clever GP2K1 planner you are! Rod Rodgers ...
by sweetnpinky17
Re: Birthday! :-|
Agent says... Sure, if you can find me some, I'll surf with 'em. -Foon (easier than making my own)
by kleblanc
Re: Anyone ever use WaterWays Surf Adventures travel ...
You never know with Foon! I sure wasn't serious. I love the old boogie boarder!
by AnGeL7007
Re: Right coasters are you ready for the big one?
Gimme a date and I'll see if I can make it. hmmmm, the Bunker Balcony is about 40 feet high, if I work it right I should be able to launch from my rocking chair. -Foon (I guess the Hurricane shutters ...
by NGC7319
Re: Mike Sullivan
Kira said, as anyone who is currently grieving the loss of a loved one would: I have some serious money that says that may not be necessarily true ;^) -Foon (Lets hear it from MrsSully)
by David Winkee
Re: The Ultimate Localism Surfboard
'Neal says... LOL!!!!! But the question begs asking...... What do the roof racks for this baby look like? Doc? -Foon (Wondering how fast that 'killer' board would clear the lineup?)
by FreeOnlineGames
Re: Any thoughts on sharks
Will Borgeson, you come out of there you geezing gourmet you!! -Foon (Won't eat shark if they don't eat me.)
by davidlpf
Re: My florida shark bite story...
I expect you'll be getting an agent and doing Vegas soon? -Foon (watch out Sigfried and Roy!! :)
by donincardona
Re: Time Out :-(
I gotta agree with Foon here. The Hawaiian contingent (whole and ailing) could watch 'What's Eating Gilbert Grape?' You'd more than likely be grateful to live in Hawaii after seeing that one. ...
by Limbo
Re: Coming Soon to a Surf Spot Near You
Bud says... I'd need one with a motor. Oh wait.....that's a jetski. :) -Foon (Remember what happen to Lance Armstrong)
by chadnezzzz
Re: Link to pic and story of shark bitten surfer
tim says... Apparently sharks don't eat **** ;) Aw c'mon tim, it's a joke- hee hee hee. We love ya brah. We all know you're much too tough for a little shark to munch on. -Foon (never been shark food ...
by NGR
Re: An Ocean Beach kinda day
dblake says... A 'hardy' waverider named Dave Went in search of a rideable wave. When he found, 'It was cold.' Did 'cringe' I am told. And skipped going out, What a Knave!! Et tu Davie -Foon (Water ...
by tianle
Re: PNW Encounter
OH ... I believe you, Foon ... trust me ... I believe you.
by Orson_Cart
Kauai (sorta long)
Just returned from my first visit to Kauai. I was in Hanalei all of five minutes before I ran into former New Break/Sunset Cliffs local Tom Lockwood. He has been living in Hanalei for over twenty ...
by chadnezzzz
Re: Surfer Madness
-Foon - 'They must be damned good waves, or damned crazy surfers.' The way I see it, good waves produce damned crazy surfers. I love the feeling when there's a swell, I almost go into a hypnotic ...
by fifngoopdikga
Re: Im off to sunny Spain
'DaLank' says... You sure you're not visiting any East Coast beach town? Have a good vacation. -Foon (sunburnt shithound, bodyboarder)
by Fijomnhf
Re: New Season, New Friend
nice post foon:-)......todd. ...............>
by miobica
Re: 32 yo....
Rico hummed:... Whadaya saying there? Should it have been sent to alt.****? AhoY!!! Bend over and....arrrrrggghhhhhhh!!! d;^/> (Ascii interrogatory: is is this the bearded pirate smiley? I get ...
by swill321
Re: The Best Drum in the World
No that's a rumor I started 'bout yo mama.* -Foon (*NY/NJ Yomama humor. we're allowed to do this)
by mortimer
OT-Quoth the Ravens,
yesterday was absolutely nuts. crazy in our place as well as the rest of the city. As you know Foon, I'm actually a Redskin fan, but yesterday was exciting to be around. I'm not anti-Ravens, so I was ...
by El Shatan
Re: PR 12/30/03 - Getaway Day
My thoughts exactly Foon, although my first glance at the 'wildo experience' I actually read it as the ***** experience ! Anyway thanks Rod, sounds like you have been having good times.
by Cinereaopticue

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