Gulf coast photo extravaganza
Ferg, You know better. Don't post binaries. Neal
by miobica
North Coast visit
I posted a story about my weekend visit to a California north coast spot on If it's not on the home page, click on ggcarroll. Besides getting really sunburned (which ...
by Angelus897
When Weather Changes And Sharks Meet
... re likely due to the La Nina effect (opposite of El Nino) that brings cooler currents closer to the coast in the Pacific. Who knowns, ...
by Evan
Re: Moving to Australia, looking for quiet surfing town
Try Agnes Water on the Queensland coast. I moved here from California in Jan 2007. Beautiful place with surf.
by tooeasy
Re: Dave sweet surfboard
After I looked through my 60's boards values books I found that the values are much higher. For a perfect 10 condition Dave Sweet the Sam Ryan book value is $3400. The other book value is about ...
by Bill
Re: Fin design and sailboat keels?
Just for a little FYI - aspect ratio is generally the ratio between length and width of the wing/keel/blade/sail/fin/whatever..... Fer instance, a Greenough Stage IV; a long thin fin, has a pretty ...
by miobica
Re: Semi-OT == Who here skateboards?
healdsburg and santa rosa are my haunts when there's no surf. i may try to squeeze a few days in this summer to head north to oregon. they have by far the sickest parks on the west coast.
by chadnezzzz
Hey dave blake, ggcarroll and the rest of the norcal crew
... lly generated windswell, the weekend should be fuuuuunn! especially since the pesky winds along the coast should be calm on both saturday ...
by NGR
Product Review/Surf Report: Oakley Water Jackets at San Miguel B.C.N
I got a pair. Hooked it up under the table from a friend of a friend who works at Oakley. (I try very hard not to pay retail for anything). My first use was last weekend, Sunday, at San Miguel in ...
by donincardona
Re: Pics of BIG waves???
You dont understand, I wasnt EVER *comparing* the East Coast to ANYthing on the west coast. I wasnt comparing at all. Not my intentions. OBVIOUSLY I know it gets much more mosterous there! :) Duh, ...
by jawajedi
Re: Surfing in Haiti
I've never heard about Haitian surf first hand, but I know people who have surfed the southern coast of Jamaica. Looking at a map, Haiti is right next door. You apparently are on the northern coast. ...
by Adtchlivet
Re: Barbados - December
went to barbados last winter and scored epic waves. If your staying on the east coast be sure to head west if there's any north swell, it breaks like Indo over there. check out ...
by MasterKill
Chill bro....not a lecture....I don't know too many things, but I know what I know....if you know what I mean. Wind rarely comes from the same direction in a steady stream...anemometer data tracks ...
by LilCindy
Re: Spooky.
Here on the US east coast, we get those little situations. Usually it's striped bass (no worries) or bluefish (they like nibbling digits - nasty little **** - but tasty ) chasing the baitfish. ...
by ukmasterit
Re: One last ride
Dear Jeff!!! I am thinking very much about your Dad & you & your family tonight. I will continue thinking the utmost of positive thoughts about your Dad's speedy recovery & about him back out surfing ...
by freelanserboy
WSD 2003 soon?
I remember something about one of two WSD dates being at the end of November. I don't remember the details, but as Themos bearer I figured I should pay attention. At a glance, AS seems healthier now; ...
by Elaine
Vacation is now!
My girl and I leave tomorrow for Samoa. We are spending 12 days on the island and I'm not coming home until after Labor Day. I will be sure to get lots of good pictures for you guys (bringing 10 ...
by calmfury
Re: Yikes, theres a Shark in my House
I have a new found respect for my surf'n bros on the Right Coast :-)
by David Winkee
Re: New shark attack data
That was on the Gulf Coast in Boca Ceiga Bay. An older fellow jumped off the dock behind his house like he often did. This time there was a school of mullet with a Bull shark lurking underneath. He ...
by Razide Zero
Re: Why does hot air not move cold water??
It might have something to do with the fact that hot air rises. On the West Coast I have rarely seen Santa Ana winds be anything other than gusty and 'Swiss Cheesy'...localized geography has a major ...
by JohnBStone
Re: Dad to Dad/Mom
I recommend starting them on a bodyboard as soon as they *want* to go out. My 5 y.o. son has been bodyboarding the shoredump for the last 2 years, and has gotten quite comfortable (and cocky) about ...
by sweetser
WSD- Trestles
WSD 2001 an extended version; Friday 20th Met up with Tom K at the power plant in Carlsbad and joined started the tour. I was, and still am enamored by the surf culture of southern California. We ...
by callisto601
Surfgeo to the pnw........
yes, its true. i now hold in my hand a round trip ticket to portland, oregon. i have some business there, flying in late on a sunday, returning thursday. i need to know what the opportunity for ...
by ukmasterit
Lodging in Maui?
: given. Near Kihei would be best, but anywhere with reasonable prices is : fine. : Also, where are good surf spots where an intermediate surfing couple : won't stress the locals? The Maui Coast is a ...
by tianle
Re: Surfing in southern Oregon/northern California?
You can camp easily on the Oregon coast line. Try a web search using for Oregon Surfing. There are some sites that will give you good information. Lincoln City, Oregon has one ...
by swap_v
Re: More Surfing for Life
ggcarroll says... It was advertised recently that PBS stations would be airing this film on the East Coast. When I inquired of our local station WETA, they said they had no intention of putting it on ...
by sweetser
Fun in Venice
I haven't been able to surf in three weeks due to my work schedule and my vacation to Arkansas. Having today off, I went down to the South Jetty in Venice,Fl for a session. The North Jetty had the ...
by grofvuri
Northern California adventure - part II
The swell has begun showing its face along the middle coast of Northern California and Kira and I began checking out spots as soon as Highway 1 opened out to the vast expanse of the Pacific. I found ...
by fifngoopdikga
Re: Right coasters are you ready for the big one?
Wellp. 'The Jinx' has spoken and there goes any chance of Tsunami waves on the East Coast. Thanks John. When are you gonna learn, man!
by Roger Steer
Re: Oahu Session Report 1.13.01
being on the east coast, that statement just amazes me. 'waves not that hot' and '9-10 foot faces' being used together. sheesh. cool report. bummer about your board. scott
by swissloveone
Re: Any thoughts on sharks
i surf in the waters of california's north coast and i usually try not to think about sharks when I paddle out alone at certain surf spots around here. sharks are ever present, even when they are ...
by Bluewolf027
Re: Need quick southern Oregon surfing info
south beach in crescent city seems to be one of the most consistent spots on the redwood coast. there is almost always something there or down toward enderts. one thing i love about south beach, at ...
by David Winkee
Re: Its Time for the Atlantic Hurricane Season to Start Cranking
... havent, huh? d=] Just because the 'canes havent been spinning at full torque, doesnt mean the east coast hasnt been surfing. YOU my man, just need to be at the beach my friend! ...
by kleblanc
Newbie Info?
Hello. Any suggestions on size and shape for a beginner board? Maybe one that I can learn on and still be able to use after progressing a little? I am 165lbs and 5'8' and will be riding on the East ...
by Roger Steer
Re: Santa Ana RiverJetties: CA; 07/21/2001 Surf Report
Rob, Do you frequent the Newport Jetty much? I was there today (7.22.01) after the Pac. Coast Triathalon to go check it out as I had never gone to the Wedge before, and wanted to go check it out. Ad ...
by El Shatan
Delmarvaria AS crew (Foon, rodNDtube, etal.)
My wife has an job interview in DC, and as always we 'must' live within driving distance from the coast (the rule is around 45min). The office is across the Potomac in Falls Church. Looking at the ...
by mortimer
Re: Dogtown, Z-Boys, Bunker Spreckles
Dolphin pod. 'When weaving nets, all threads count.' - Charlie Chan ** The art & the artists of New Zealand's Tutukaka Coast: Wax-up and drop-in of Surfing's Golden Years:
by Bluewolf027
Re: Surfer Madness
are you going anywhere with this dried up east coast bashing, or are you just being your 'normal witty self'? is this the part where we're supposed to remark how great and sly you are? _FleK(and then ...
by MasterKill
Re: Israel: 18/2/01
Right on ! looking forward to getting wet my self is been about a month sense my last coast trip. How is the civilian life treating you?
by sweetnpinky17
Re: In the Lap of America...
TK hits the road: Tom, by all means if your travels include the Right Coast you have an open invitation to explore the MidAtlantic as our guest. We'll provide you with phone numbers and addresses. ...
by MasterKill

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