Re: Surfboard rentals in Outer Banks?
Hey Bill, Believe it or not, Surffohio actually had some truth to his comment. Rodanthe *is* good (the north end). They are usually not as good as at the lighthouse (about 30 minutes from Rodanthe), ...
by jawajedi
Re: Surfing in Acapulco, Mexico?
... st place near town would be to the south of the bay and that is at the Princess. There it is a beachbreak and is surf is best formed during dawn patrols. In the afternoon the surf can be blown out. ...
by fifngoopdikga
Re: Fog surfing
Coming out of lurk for this one. Haven't been in the water for a while but one of the last times I was, a few years back, was in a heavy fog in northern Oregon. Too foggy to see the lineup, but could ...
by Cinereaopticue
Re: Baja Road Trip
From your description of the break and the name of the rancher who owns the land you gave me enough info to know where you went and let me tell you, you were real lucky to have ten guys out. The norm ...
by Sweets18
Re: Balsa Wood Boards
Yes I am curious. Ill try giving Bill a call in a little bit. Problem with Bill and his shapes is that, as you know, he is a 'traditionalist', heavy. But since you mentioned heavy, what got me ...
Fixing snapped longboard
... ped off, taking the glass from the bottom of the front section with it. The foam has a pretty clean break, I thought I'd use resin to stick ...
by swissloveone
Making the most of a bobbing kind of day
O'ahu It has been F-L-A-T on the south shore. Don't think I have had a good session since October! I am not a happy surfer. Soooooo ... just as Neal judges his summer by how many times he goes to ...
by DS_84
Product Review/Surf Report: Oakley Water Jackets at San Miguel B.C.N
I got a pair. Hooked it up under the table from a friend of a friend who works at Oakley. (I try very hard not to pay retail for anything). My first use was last weekend, Sunday, at San Miguel in ...
by donincardona
Re: Surfing in Haiti
Rule number one- always bring your board. Rule number two- never break rule one. Email the and ask those guys, if you don't get a response here. I emailed a technical ...
by freelanserboy
Surf Cams, not in my backyard...(I live east of 5)...
Hey NeoN, We had a great two-week stretch of surf at WindanSea last month, and EVEN I caught a few waves there. I bet you, BK and the rest of your crew was stoked on that south swell! (If even 1% of ...
by callisto601
Re: Cape canaveral.
Playlinda- is the break on the Canaveral Seashore just north of the restricted area. I haven't been there in years myself. Looking at a nautical chart, there's several shallow shoals around the point ...
by Terragen
Re: John Doe #2
Lemmings!, I thought your story was interesting and well written. But I guess life must be very different in the city as opposed to rural areas. It is assumed that anyone is 'packing' around here. ...
by Hedgehog
Re: Oahu Sesh Report - 6/10
... n. I was thinking about that myself actually - how sometimes I just don't want to go to a different break even though it ...
by saj
Re: Vacation is now!
... uper heavy I'm sure someone can locate a spare (or maybe I'll wuss out and opt for a more sheltered break). ...
by Linda2
Sept 8 pics
Another gray overcast day. Very fun surf at the local break. Nate was there doing his video thing. I made him move since he was occupying my 10 sq yards of beach that I shoot from. These young punks ...
by Mercury74
Avalanche stills
Okay, I got a new video camera and these are the results of me playing with it. Since I bought the cam There hasn't been any real surf so I haven't been able to take any digital video and put those ...
by SwaTT
Re: Could anyone tell any next surf events with live coverage in the net?
... of your username you don't surf...and obviously have nothing to contribute.. Sticks and stones may break my bones...oh forget it! -PD 'My adreniline you are my only friend' ...
by Razide Zero
Malibu CA 051101 - First day of a promising south
Pretty fun longboard session at 1st point this afternoon. Head high, very consistent, mellow crowd. Building swell. Tuned up for a booming beach break tomorrow!
by SwaTT
Surfgeo to the pnw........
yes, its true. i now hold in my hand a round trip ticket to portland, oregon. i have some business there, flying in late on a sunday, returning thursday. i need to know what the opportunity for ...
by ukmasterit
Testing interbulletin line lengths
filibuster us with :: looking for a raspberry lollipop wrote: :: > :: > 123456789012345678901234567890123456789012345678901234567890p :: > ...
by David Winkee
Re: Lodging in Maui?
... es and loved it. All rooms are on the ocean front. You can see the whales going by. There is also a break out in front called Rainbows that isn't real ...
by Limbo
Re: Leashes on longboards
... bunch of 12 year olds! If someone is getting bummed by their wave count they best move to a heavier break or upgrade. Sounds similar, Ill take the drop and hope to god I make it, if ...
by Meta-Meme
Bali airfare and 5 star hotel only $1140
... / BALI PROMOTION - $1140.00 Includes 5 night accomodation at a 5 star hotel, daily breakfast, airport transfer, and a full day tour. Includes ...
by Cinereaopticue
Re: Prattes Reef...Saturday Swell
I understand that the reef will be entering phase II and be built up some so swells can start to break. Time will tell. Rod Rodgers homepage:
by LilCindy
Re: Seesion report
I'll tell ya something else, Indian River Inlet does not break as reliably as it used to. I think I'm going to start exploring more sandbars in Ocean City.
by David Winkee
Re: Fun in Venice
Ferg, The bottom contour of the South jetty has changed significantly in the past year or so, and there is not too much refraction off the jetty. The swell was coming from the SE so the jetty ...
by ElAleph
Northern California adventure - part II
The swell has begun showing its face along the middle coast of Northern California and Kira and I began checking out spots as soon as Highway 1 opened out to the vast expanse of the Pacific. I found ...
by fifngoopdikga
Northern California adventure - part III
The betty is starting to come down with a cold and decided to stick around the house and keep my bro's wife company while we boys tracked down to the rivermouth at Navarro and paddled out into some ...
by Terragen
Re: Mexico
try 'el tecuan', about 45 min north of manzanillo. used to be a really nice, low key but plush hotel there right on the beach, with horses, tennis courts, and a landing strip. now its probably a bit ...
by MANAX99
Re: In the Lap Dance of the PNW
Given his home break he surfs at all the time, he can't go right. :^)
by ElAleph
Re: Its weird
i am thinking about this coming world surf day on sunday. i am considering going out for the first time in quite a long time. i went and got out my 4/3 wetsuit and gloves and 7ml booties. it's weird. ...
by chadnezzzz
Re: Tommy Board...first Surfboard
You are absolutely right. But don't construe my idea about giving my little guy a first board with the idea that I am (forceably) getting him into surfing. I want surfing to be an 'option' for him, ...
by Elaine
Re: Drop-Ins, Part 1 -- 5/18/01
I can relate too. Yesterday I was out at my local (NORCAL) break and some highschooler cut me off twice. It seemed like I was invisible to him. I thought for a while and paddled over to him and said ...
by Adtchlivet
Re: 2001 surf predictions
The word is bro that by next Fall I will be taking a 10-8 gun down to a certain left point break in Northern California and hope that I find it big and clean. When I say big I am looking at another ...
by Limbo
Re: A.S topics.
JB and Carson are taking a break. They are whipping up some new material for their next cat fight. If you want to send me a check I can always raise a few eyebrows in this place. I've never known ...
by sweetnpinky17
Re: Santa Cruz Surf Report 7/13- alt.surfing hookup
here's some video i shot on the westside. there was some pretty good talent out there. gioni and jeff kaplan were out as well. i surfed at a mile marker ...
by Keermalec
Re: An Ocean Beach kinda day
Lloyd...your home break isn't in Pacifica is it? Glad you had fun today. I surfed Linda Mar around high tide on the outgoing and it was surprisingly good for wind swell- chest-head. The lefts during ...
by sweetnpinky17
Surfing w/ Laker Craig in Mainland Mex
Surfing with LakerCraig in Mainland Mex Met up with the Lake-Man himself at Puerto Vallarta airport. I was standing at the car rental booth and turned around and there he was with full fam in tow. ...
by Mercury74
Re: Surf Report NJ 5/10
Speaking of Boston - I saw that break by the airport when I was flying in on Tuesday. A few guys out. I've wanted to surf it for the last 15 years!!! Maybe this Summer for hurricanes.
by davidlpf

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