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The Shortboard surfboard by Dave Blackburn
The Shortboard The standard shortboard, also known as the thruster typically comes with 3 fins as standard although it can come with 4 or 5 fin as well. It’s a high performance board suited primarily for the experienced rider. Low in volume ...
The longboard by Lori
The longboard is primarily a single finned surfboard with large rounded nose and length of 9 to 12 feet. Noseriders are a kind of longboards which enable the rider to walk to the tip and nose ride. Also called a "Mal", which is a shortened ...

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g'day, Ricardo! I just came across the thread about Morey Pope W.A.V.E. hollow boards! I have had a 7'3" swallowtail one for over 40 years and am about to repair some cracks... have you ...
by Gary - 1 week ago
Thank you for considerate email message. I ended up selling it to a semi friend for 900 dollars. He is happy and I am happy I don't have to worry about keeping its condition at an 8 or ...
by Mike - 2 weeks ago
steve dot wescott dot career @ gee mail dot com
by Steve - 2 weeks ago
i have one!
by Chubbysurf - 3 weeks ago
Can anyone tell me how much is my vintage Jeff **** surfboard worth
by Guest - 1 month ago
Bruce B - Are you or were you in Corpus Christi when you bought your 6'4" Hollow WAVE? I bought the 6'6.5" swallowtail but quickly learned yours was a better shape for CC waves.
by Bill H - 2 months ago

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