Where can I buy a California Candy wetsuit? I can't seem to ...
Where can I buy a California Candy wetsuit? I can't seem to find a site. Did they go out of business?
by Guest
Northern California adventure - part II
The swell has begun showing its face along the middle coast of Northern California and Kira and I began checking out spots as soon as Highway 1 opened out to the vast expanse of the Pacific. I found ...
by fifngoopdikga
Northern California adventure - part III
The betty is starting to come down with a cold and decided to stick around the house and keep my bro's wife company while we boys tracked down to the rivermouth at Navarro and paddled out into some ...
by Terragen
NEWS: Human Waste Polluting California Beaches
Thursday February 22 7:02 PM ET Human Waste Polluting California Beaches By Keith Mulvihill NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Human waste is flowing into the waters off Southern California's beaches, ...
by Terragen
Surfing in southern Oregon/northern California?
Hi, I apologize if this is the type of question that has been asked 46485 times and really should be looked up in the FAQ, if there is one. However, I live in Sweden, but will be spending July with ...
by Limbo
I have a old Hawaii Town and California long board, is this ...
I have a old Hawaii Town and California long board, is this a board made by the same shaper that eventually changed their name to Hawaian Town and Country?
by Guest
Re: Dot com surfers part two
Great pics...are they all from southern california?
by callisto601
Re: I have a hollow wave surfboard ...picked out of the garbage....
Will do! I'll send you a photo on Wednesday. I'm away from home. My location is Oregon but I'll be back in California this month. Where are you?
by Dom
Re: ? = Harmony Foods?
Noticed the same thing: 'Welcome to Harmony Foods in candy cyberspace. Our California candy factory is just two blocks from the Pacific Ocean and home to millions of gummy bears at this very ...
by NGR
Strange Question
Hello all, let me tell you first that I'm no surfer at all. Still, I have a weird question for you. What kind of equipment would one need to go surfing? The background: I'm a student of architecture ...
by saj
Re: Moving to Australia, looking for quiet surfing town
Try Agnes Water on the Queensland coast. I moved here from California in Jan 2007. Beautiful place with surf.
by tooeasy
Re: Could anyone tell any next surf events with live coverage in the net?
These blatant trolls are hilarious. Can anybody tell me where I can <email> coverage on the net? Can anybody tell me where I can buy cool surf gear at triple overhead prices? My freind told me ...
by Hedgehog
Re: Hollow wave surfboard
I used to build WAVE surfboards in Saticoy California back in the wary 70's. Wish I would have kept the custom one I built for myself.
by Wave
Who made this surfboard?
I have a 7'4' thruster with the name 'NOË' signed into it, a logo 'soul survivors' and 'california style' on it, and I'm wondering if anyone kows the history behind it. I love the board, but it's ...
by swill321
Right coasters are you ready for the big one?
Monday August 27 2:06 PM ET Deadly Atlantic Waves Studied By RANDOLPH E. SCHMID, Associated Press Writer WASHINGTON (AP) - Giant ocean waves could slam into the East Coast if a volcano across the ...
by MasterKill
Re: Check it out the best surf website
thanks devin! you just dont know how much we appreciate being informed on all the juicy gossip and hero-worshipping details of all our mentors in the professional circuit! we here in alt.surfing just ...
by SwaTT
Re: SAN oNoFRe, iNDiANa???
I hadn't made the connection to Welsh, I thought the caps/lowercase was a techno-cool attempt at dressing up boring text. Interesting language, Welsh. Only written Polish seems to lack vowels as ...
by calmfury
Re: 2001 surf predictions
The word is bro that by next Fall I will be taking a 10-8 gun down to a certain left point break in Northern California and hope that I find it big and clean. When I say big I am looking at another ...
by Limbo
Re: Semi-OT == Who here skateboards?
I'm approaching middle age and I still love to skate. I do so on a gravity board these days. I broke my wrist last summer on my kid's small halfpipe in our yard-that hasn't stopped me either. Never ...
by Orson_Cart
Re: WSD- Trestles
Nice report. Thanks. For what it is worth, when I was a senior at Carlsbad High School a few decades ago, our teachers survey our class to see how many of us were originally from California. As I ...
by NGC7319
New Mavericks mpegs
These were taken at just about the same time thursday that those surfers were plucked off the rocks up at Ocean beach Size was about 20 ft and glassier than I've seen it this season. ...
by kdog181518
Large N Pacific Swell
The first truly substantial N Pacific storm is creating swell for Hawaii, California, and Baja Mexico. The storm is running 955 mBar, and positioned west of the dateline, and north of Hawaii. Swell ...
by Sweets18
Surfing w/ Laker Craig in Mainland Mex
Surfing with LakerCraig in Mainland Mex Met up with the Lake-Man himself at Puerto Vallarta airport. I was standing at the car rental booth and turned around and there he was with full fam in tow. ...
by Mercury74
Re: Surf in Thailand????
TD, South Thailand is not known for it's surf, but I guess if you want to try it, try the Phuket/Krabi side of the peninsula, only because the Gulf of Thailand on the other side is basically flat. ...
by donincardona
Well, whoever gets a chance to be out surfing anytime is a winner, but I guess we gotta narrow it down sometime. So, without delay, the winner for this year's WSD is: BEN RAK I'm not even sure if Ben ...
by swap_v
Re: Laird skins it at big Mavs
The air in Southern California is better for most people than others would believe. It contains 12 essential minerals, that arent normally found in rarified Country Air. ...and is more healthy for ...
by Bluewolf027
Pre-journal entries.
Already know what it's gonna say: Tommorrow- Get home from work at 3:30am, sleep till 10:30. Visit parents for early lunch. Drive through Everglades with windows down, maybe stop for a touristy ...
by saj
Avalanche stills
Okay, I got a new video camera and these are the results of me playing with it. Since I bought the cam There hasn't been any real surf so I haven't been able to take any digital video and put those ...
by SwaTT
Re: Any thoughts on sharks
i surf in the waters of california's north coast and i usually try not to think about sharks when I paddle out alone at certain surf spots around here. sharks are ever present, even when they are ...
by Bluewolf027
North Coast visit
I posted a story about my weekend visit to a California north coast spot on If it's not on the home page, click on ggcarroll. Besides getting really sunburned (which ...
by Angelus897
Re: New shark attack data
It would also be interesting to figure out why all the Florida attacks and almost no Southern California attacks.
by David Winkee
Thanks for calling this shark story to our attention. Yesterday at the Oceanside Pier they caught a maneating shark in the parking lot, but they made him spit it out. But seriously folks, shark ...
by chadnezzzz
Re: Sharks Info Deluxe
here's something i didn't know before: jersey is second to california in deaths from unprovoked great white shark attacks in the US. also shows most attacks are in the middle of the day, not at dusk ...
by NGC7319
Re: Finding craig
Hi Joanne, I am very sorry I missed you and Bill, and I appreciate the effort you made to find me! The waves, such as they were, had me going out at the Old Manz rip and then often going left to get ...
by swap_v
And on the 14th day...
i got barreled again. that's right, 14 straight days of overhead surf. the smallest it has been here in the south bay of LA county was last saturday when it was head high with sneaker closeout sets. ...
by Terragen
Re: Mavericks 12.22.00 biggest: mpeg
Guys that were out said it there may have been waves near 70 ft Mike Hourly California surf updates
by davidlpf
An interview with Rob Lion
Rob Lion started shaping surf boards at the end of 2003, just making boards for friends, in a shed in the Bahamas. He had just moved back there after living in the US for 20 years, and in ...
by Lori
Surfrider C.E.O Jim Moriarty Semi Annual Brodcast
@ Yahoo! Video Jim Moriarty summer broadcast of Surfider's goals and intentions
by Lori

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