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The longboard by Lori
The longboard is primarily a single finned surfboard with large rounded nose and length of 9 to 12 feet. Noseriders are a kind of longboards which enable the rider to walk to the tip and nose ride. Also called a "Mal", which is a shortened ...
An interview with Rob Lion by Lori
Rob Lion started shaping surf boards at the end of 2003, just making boards for friends, in a shed in the Bahamas. He had just moved back there after living in the US for 20 years, and in California for the last 8. In 2004 he moved to Brazil to ...

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by admin - 2 days ago
How much are you after for it? & if I organized a courier would you be prepared to ship to Australia? Could I also get the dims of the board as well please?
by Anglesurf - 1 week ago
Hi Mike, I have just messaged you. Cheers, Brad
by Brad - 1 week ago
Grand, I'll do that. I'd say that shipping is gonna sting a bit tho!
by David Sands - 3 weeks ago
I have a pottz bh board!
by Travis - 3 weeks ago
What is this board worth? Was wondering if i should sell or keep and repair dings. I dont see anywhere it being a glen minami shaped board...if not who shaped it?
by Travis - 3 weeks ago
I 61 and surf for 51 years.Very good surfer.This is the first year I hit my right knee getting up. What can I do ?I am regular foot.
by Guest - 1 month ago

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